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Elecom Wireless Slide Keyboard: Slide, Collapse, and Store

Never have I seen a wireless keyboard that is designed for use with an iPhone. But there is the Wireless Slide Keyboard from Elecom that surprised me. The keyboard is similar to other wireless versions in its basic controls. Using a Bluetooth connection, the keyboard can be paired with any other mobile device or laptop that functions with a wireless keyboard. But what astonished me the most about Elecom’s version was its deliberate design for the iPhone.

The keyboard is outfitted with a stand for your iPhone or iPad that positions either in a good vantage point to type notes or whatever else you might do. It might seem odd to use a keyboard for something as small as an iPhone, but when unused, the Elecom keyboard collapses to a compact form only a little bigger than Apple’s mobile device.



The two together, the Elecom keyboard and the iPhone, are perfect for someone who wants to minimize what he or she is carrying into a meeting or some circumstance when typing is absolutely necessary but bigger laptops are cumbersome.

In every way, with its flat black color scheme, the Elecom keyboard is for the no-fuss member of this modern world.



Photography courtesy of Elecom .

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