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JBL Voyager: The Spaceship Speaker

The Voyager Program, decades old now, was an initiative that launched two probes into outerspace. On board both Voyager 1 and 2 was a golden record that will broadcast the sounds of Earth, from Bach to whale songs. I assume the Voyager speaker from JBL had some inspiration from the iconic spacecraft, and it was a good source of influence.

Available in white and black, the main form of the Voyager is a conical speaker with a sleek, circular control panel at the center. Completely wireless, the Voyager splits into two speakers, or spacecraft, if we keep the Voyager Program analogy consistent.



Dividing from the mothership, as it were, is another, smaller, disk-shaped speaker that is actually the control panel. If you have a party going on and need to quickly fill another room with music, you can easily disengage one Voyager module from the other.



Altogether, the Voyager speaker works for five hours of uninterrupted tunes. Now, don’t be too excited and think you’re launching into space with your own Voyager apparatus, but just delight in the portability.



Photography courtesy of JBL.

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