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Pulpop MP3 Speaker: Natural Amplification

The Pulpop MP3 Speaker by Balance Wu Design reminds me of those ubiquitous white lifesaver candies. It only reminds me in form, not quantity, because the Pulpop Speaker seems like a very rare item, and those lifesavers are everywhere.

One might also see a donut in the design of the Pulpop Speaker. Whatever shape you think about, this speaker is a very interesting item. Manufactured from recycled paper pulp, the Pulpop Speaker is not actively amplified by electronics. With a hollow core, the speaker is the nothing but empty space within the donut.

The Pulpop Speaker is available in white or light brown, and it is a very simple, efficient, and functional product. It’s a wonder why anyone needs big, expensive speaker systems when smart people design something like this.

Sound travels on Earth no matter what. All it needs is a little resonant chamber to get louder.


Photography courtesy of MollaSpace.

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