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Monterey Driving Gloves: old-school cool

If only cars were still hunks of stylized steel, the Monterey Driving Gloves would be perfect. But we must imagine ourselves driving 1970s Mustangs with ruby-red finish and the top down. Or, we could wear the Monterey Driving Gloves with certainty and enjoy our old-school cool.

Made of Ethiopian lamb leather, rare material it seems but nonetheless classy, the Monterey Driving Gloves are perfect for the driving enthusiast, no matter what decade you’re from.

The gloves were designed by a third-generation Hungarian glove maker who might be one of the last such craftswomen in the United States.


Perfect when worn with a classic analog watch with a leather band, and a well-worn driving jacket, the Monterey gloves are an expression of appreciating the old, exceptional patterns of design that don’t need to be modern to be relevant; they are everlasting.


Photography courtesy of Lowly Gentlemen.

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