high top sneakers ysl - SL/01H Court Classic High Top Sneakers by Saint Laurent

SL/01H Court Classic High Top Sneakers by Saint Laurent

The high top sneaker seems to never need revision and always lasts as a style icon. It started with the Converse Chuck Taylor with its thin canvas shell, and even that has lasted into the modern style setup. The SL/01H Court Classic High Top from Saint Laurent is all the classical comfort of the high top paired with the hyper-fashion of today.

Manufactured from 100% calf-skin leather, the Saint Laurent high tops are an Italian triumph. The all-black or all-white leather design is simple and bold. With a padded ankle that bulges stylishly from the top, the Saint Laurent high top prefers to stun you with simplicity rather than flamboyance.


You might obsess over keeping your own pair of high tops clean and unblemished, and that’s okay. And if you keep to this routine, your pair will age with style just as the original high top design has.

Other than the flat colors and minimalist design, the only other embellishment to the high top is the marker SL/01H embossed just below the ankle.

The SL/01H high tops are the kind of sneakers, or piece of apparel in general that attract attention by their sensibility.


Photography courtesy of YSL.

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