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Nordic USB Bracelet: Functional Fashion

For what they can do and the amount of data they can hold, USB thumb drives are startlingly easy to lose. So with a little bit of style and a lot of practicality, the Nordic USB Bracelet, by Danish designer Merete Nordvik, was created to solve these problems.

A silver USB drive is clasped to a single or double leather band, at once a fashionable bracelet and a functional digital device. The USB drive has an 8 gigabyte capacity, and it is perfect for carrying whatever data you need to transport with you easily at all time.


While the Nordic USB Bracelet is useful, it has a purely aesthetic pleasure to it as well. It comes nestled in a padded box like a piece of expensive jewelery. The silver USB thumb drive is attached to either black or beige leather versions with either a single or double band design.



Photography courtesy of Nordvik Design.

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