wireless speaker cone 800x553 - Aether Cone: Classic or Futuristic

Aether Cone: Classic or Futuristic

There are certain things we should keep from classic design, but we should always remember that modern works, too. Aether Cone, a stunning example of old and new together, is a wireless-enabled speaker that can play music and podcasts via an iOS7 device.

The Aether Cone is a conical speaker that features some slick controls. To begin playing music, you turn the rim of the speaker. To pause, quickly press the center button. You can also ask the Aether Cone to play something specific, and you can select a new song by twist the speaker again.


Where the Aether Cone really shines, though, is the design. Simple and startling. The Aether Cone’s silver or gold base transforms it into a product that will trick you into thinking you’re living in the roaring twenties. But in every way, this beautiful speaker is completely modern, even futuristic.

Using your iOS device or MacBook with OSX Mavericks, (Android support is on the way), you can stream any tunes to the Aether Cone.


Photography courtesy of Aether.

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