ikura turntable2 800x512 - Ikura Turntable: Art or Appliance?

Ikura Turntable: Art or Appliance?

There is a legitimate comeback in vinyl records, and I remember when I caught on and had to buy my own record player. If I had my senses of what good design was, I’d rethink my purchase and go for the Ikura Turntable instead.

There are some products that are so well designed that you almost forget about what they were meant for, and you want to just stare at them as a piece of art. This seems to be the core of the Ikura Turntable.


It’s stark white or black finish with symmetrical, Swiss-cheese perforations throughout, make the Ikura Turntable equivalent to the icons of mid-century modern industrial design. But as much as we may marvel at these designs, they function well.


The Ikura Turntable is as much a success of engineering as it is design. The shallow tracking arc of the tonearm reduces record wear and distortion. There are other additional engineering triumphs that I don’t quite understand, but the Ikura Turntable was built to play feedback-less sound while looking like a sculpture.


Photography courtesy of Music Hall.

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