wood bowtie bm 800x506 - Bowtie


The Bowtie is an exciting accessory for trend setters. Unlike traditional ties this Bowtie is made from wood! Each piece is handmade and you can choose from a variety of fabrics that wrap around the center. The Bowtie is great if you love making a fashion statement and want a designer piece that adds a special touch.

The Bowtie was created by ‘Be markable’- a Dutch designer company with a passion for integrating natural materials into their design. Each Bowtie is unique since it is embedded with the grain pattern of the tree from which it was grown. You can choose from four different types of wood and there are eight different bowtie shapes to choose from- ‘Eric’, ‘Frank’, ‘Hendrik’, ‘John’, ’François’, ‘Harry’ and ‘James’. The dimensions of the Bowtie are 11 x 4 cm.




You can also choose from several different fine fabrics that wrap around the wood. For example, for a more formal look you can choose the blue or red with white polka dots or you can opt for the jeans on those informal days… Another great feature of Bowtie is that the fabrics also serve as the strap and on the back of the tie you will find a classic handmade bow-tie closure as opposed to an elastic band.




Designers: Be markable
Photography courtesy of Be markable

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