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Anso Knives

Anso Knives are great-looking folding knives created by Denmark-based knifemaker and industrial designer Jens Anso. What sets the knives apart is their extraordinary craftsmanship and quality. The handles often incorporate a very intricate textured finish. There are dozens of different models to choose from, so you can really find the perfect knife that reflects your personality.

A beautiful example of Anso’s work is the #1 Mojo knife. The handle has a rich texture with a geometrical play of lines and angles. In order to give it a distinct color, the handle underwent an anodizing process that infused it with a deep blue/bronze color. The knife has a 3 ½ ” blade of 0.200” thick RWL-34 with a symmetrical swedge grind. The blade is stonewashed and has a spyderco hole. The knife also has a tip up clip for easy use.

If you prefer a non-textured surface, check out the Green Zero. The handle has a very smooth finish and has been anodized to achieve a deep green color. This sleek looking knife has a 3 ¼ ” blade of 0.200” thick RWL-34. An added design element is that the grind of the blade has a distinct asymmetrical finish. The blade is stonewashed and features a titanium thumb stud. Additional specifications include: tip down tip, OAL- 7 ¾ ”, thickness 1/5”.




Design: Jens Anso
Photography courtesy of Anso Knives

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