Courtyard House Design In Coastal Victoria, AU

Meakins Road Residence

Meakins Road Residence by b.e architecture is set upon 100 acres of pristine perfection in coastal Victoria, Australia. Backed by 100-year-old Cypress trees, this home was newly constructed from top to bottom, and is based around a variety of sunken courtyards; walled in for privacy while still offering convenient outdoor space to be utilized at will.

With steel and timber framing throughout the exterior, it replaces the traditional wrap-around farmhouse porches of yesteryear and brings about a fresh take on a timeless must-have. These steel frames also create much of the structural focal points within the home as well, with a sunken living room offset from another sitting area, both offering a rampant outdoor view courtesy of an entire wall of windows.

House Exterior Framed In Steel and Timber

Sunken Living Room Design

Beautiful Stone Fireplace In Living Room

Coastal Home Glass Walls In Living Room

Central Kitchen Island Design

Details such as a waterscape separating the main dwelling area from the library and sleeping area, is nothing short of spectacular, getting you to your room over a suspended glazed walkway and turning this house into a serene staycation!

Coastal Home Walkway Entrance

Coastal Home Sunken Wall Courtyard

Coastal Home Steel Framed Terrace

Architects: b.e architecture
Photography courtesy of b.e architecture

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