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Surfboard House

I feel like Surfboard House deserves a high five, on repeat. This Hurricane Sandy recovery home, set in Breezy Point, Queens, is a triumph over tragedy that comes out looking like a shiny million dollar penny! Situated in a quaint community known for its oceanside views, pedestrian paths, and homes set at six feet off the ground due to regulations, nearly every room in this home comes equipped with an ocean view, courtesy – in part, to this regulation.

What can be seen outside this home enhances the beauty of what can be found inside, including the angular cedar roof that compliments the same material within the 9-foot sliding living room doors.

Meanwhile, the deep blue main entrance door enhances the space without interruption, while the dining room and kitchen sit in full view of the beach beyond its endless rollaway windows and breezy doorways, set to escape to the outdoors.

modern beach house open space - Surfboard House

modern beach house dining bfdo - Surfboard House

modern beach house kitchen island - Surfboard House

modern beach house blue door - Surfboard House

modern beach house living bfdo - Surfboard House

Personally, if I were to want to escape, it would be to one of the 3 bathrooms that are fitted with various shades of tiled walk-in showers. From a copper cavern, to a tempting turquoise water haven, to a white washed tile bathroom with a deep red floor, making each of these spaces uniquely inviting and surprisingly tranquil.

Aside from the bathrooms, three small bedrooms can be found on the second floor, although with the endless view, white walls and angled wood ceiling, they feel unencumbered for space.

The master bedroom, on the other hand, offers nothing but space. Both inside as well as outside, where a deck can be found completely dedicated to the bedroom, making this a retreat …within a retreat.

modern beach house deck bfdo - Surfboard House

modern beach house child bedroom - Surfboard House

modern beach house bathroom bfdo - Surfboard House

modern beach house front - Surfboard House

Architects: BFDO Architects
Photography: Francis Dzikowski/OTTO

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