modern a frame house facade ab 1000x563 - Tucks Ridge House

Tucks Ridge House

Perched atop a rock bed, Tucks Ridge House appears like a rooftop sticking out from under the ground, but in actuality – this is the entirety of the home.

Such “mere” entirety is bursting with effortless style, comfortable corners and an easy-on-the-eyes view, which can be seen from the dining room – where the slide-away doors lead out onto a patio, where a scenic landscape goes on for a country mile.

modern a frame house dining ab - Tucks Ridge House

modern a frame house kitchen ab - Tucks Ridge House

modern a frame house living ab - Tucks Ridge House

Connecting beautiful architecture with natural beauty, was the desire of the client, and the connection between the two is truly seamless, thanks – in part – to the layout.

Inside, deep rich wood textures can be found within the floors and walls. Sage green cupboards line the kitchen and create a soft appeal to the space, while a deep black entertainment wall sets the tone in the living room, surrounded by natural marble tiles and stonework that is nothing short of stunning!

modern a frame house exterior ab - Tucks Ridge House

modern a frame house roof ab - Tucks Ridge House

modern a frame house plan ab - Tucks Ridge House

Architects: Adrian Bonomi Architect
Photography: Ben Hosking and Adrian Bonomi

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