harness bag covert 3 - Civilian Covert Harness Bag: accessible & secure

Civilian Covert Harness Bag: accessible & secure


Whenever I travel, one of my biggest issues is how to pack the important things I need so they are easily accessible and at the same time safe and comfortable to carry around. This is especially true when I need to pack a carry-on bag for flying or when I know that I will be walking around a lot. In both cases I need to carry with me all my valuable documents (passports, visa etc), a camera, iPhone and maybe an iPad, guides and other specific gear and equipment, depending if it’s a hiking trip or sightseeing in a bustling crowded city.

The Civilian Covert Harness Bag is a great alternative to all the bags I have been using till now. It is a backpack/pouch-belt/holster/harness rolled into one so it’s a great solution for all the digital gadgets and other stuff I need to carry. Continue reading

rolltop backpack yalta 31 - Yalta Rolltop Backpack: Rain or Shine

Yalta Rolltop Backpack: Rain or Shine


The Yalta Backpack is a great everyday bag, keeping me company as I commute around town – rain or shine. It has an expandable rolltop design and a sturdy exterior for those weekend mountain bike rides.

This backpack is weatherproof, it has a side access zippered compartment with a built-in laptop sleeve that fits up to 15″ laptops, its main compartment has an adjustable stainless steel closure, plus daisy chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer clips or bike light, and an ergonomic shoulder strap designed with EVA foam back panel that does a great job of evenly distributing the weight onto your shoulders. Continue reading

barbie dollhouse miniko 3 - Miniko: Eco Barbie dollhouse

Miniko: Eco Barbie dollhouse


Here’s a cool idea for the young modern fashionista… It’s an Eco designer dollhouse and furniture set for Barbie, Blythe, Momoko and other fashion dolls. Simple and white, without any hint of pink plastic, Miniko is not like any dollhouse you’ve seen before. Who says Barbie can’t be into modern green design, too? Continue reading

leather bags palmer sons 9 - Palmer & Sons leather bags: the age of artisans

Palmer & Sons leather bags: the age of artisans


Palmer & Sons hand-made leather bags are made using traditional methods, heritage materials and vintage tools. Every bag they make is a unique custom product created with the utmost care, love and pride, so to own a Palmer & Sons bag is definitely a personal statement. Continue reading

caldera ashtray - Caldera ashtray: smoking hot

Caldera ashtray: smoking hot


Even though smoking is not considered “fashionable” or “politically correct”, I still like the romantic concept of smoke-filled salons of the roaring 20’s, filled with authors and artists drinking excessively, smoking and dancing the Charleston.
Though its design is definitely more modern, the Caldera ashtray caught my eye because I could see it fitting in nicely in any party situation – bar, dining room or lawn. Though I wouldn’t recommend smoking to anyone, if you do have a need for an ashtray, at least use the Caldera and put your butts out with style. Continue reading

urshuz shoes1 - Urshuz: Create Your own Combo

Urshuz: Create Your own Combo


How cool would it be if we could create our own shoes? Mix and match different colors and styles, and give a different twist to our appearance whether we’re on our way to work, the park, or a night on the town. If you haven’t heard, Urshuz can do just that!

These shoes are all about change, inviting you to be part of the footwear revolution. Urshuz (pronounced Ur shoes) were created by shoe designer, Grant Delgatty, who invented a cleaver patented looping system, that allows you to detach and reattach uppers from their sole. Originality and creativity, combined. Continue reading

backpack travel bag skytrain 4 - Red Oxx Sky Train: Back to Back

Red Oxx Sky Train: Back to Back


Whether we like it or not, us women, have less body mass in our upper body and hands. Therefore we need a creative solution. The Sky Train, from Red Oxx, gives us exactly that. This multifunctional backpack travel bag offers three different ways to carry it: like a suitcase, over your shoulder like a messenger bag, or as a backpack by simply pulling out the retractable straps. Finally, your comfort and easy travel are covered back to back. Continue reading

small wallet dosh 4 - Dosh Wallets: Something To Be Proud Of

Dosh Wallets: Something To Be Proud Of


Are you also one of those people who take out their wallet, mumbling it’s time to get a new one, but you never do? Perhaps the reason is there’s nothing good out there. Except Dosh – a wallet that is new and refreshing, with a unique design, really giving a new look and interpretation to the concept of wallets. Finally, a wallet to be proud of. Continue reading

ipod nano strap chrono 4 - Chrono iPod Nano Strap: Watch It

Chrono iPod Nano Strap: Watch It


Many times in life it’s all about maximizing everything we’ve got to the fullest. The Chrono Leather Strap is all about maximizing every feature of your new iPod Nano, and looking great while at it. Using the analog watch display function of the Nano, Chrono transforms your portable music device into an impeccable, attention-grabbing wristwatch.

The 6th generation Nano’s back clip perfectly fits Chrono’s custom-designed center slot. No-frills assembly is a matter of clipping the Nano onto the strap. The Nano’s buttons, along with the earphone jack, are fully accessible when the device is paired with Chrono, and the Nano will stay firmly in place while worn – just watch it. Continue reading

luxury luggage henk 3 - Henk: the James Bond of luggage

Henk: the James Bond of luggage


This gorgeous carry on suitcase is the creation of a Dutch business man, who was frustrated with the existing suitcases on the market and decided to create the finest suitcase in the world. This superior piece of luggage easily fits the standards of any James Bond movie invention and inevitably comes with a fitting price tag of 20,000$. Continue reading