gadget backpack float2 - Booq Boa Float: a backpack for creative professionals

Booq Boa Float: a backpack for creative professionals


Hello creative professionals, this is a product for you to remember.
Anything but a conventional backpack, the Booq Boa Float is here to ensure that all your work’s equipment can be safely and mostly comfortably transported in.

Forget carrying your laptop and SLR camera in two different bags and free your hands with this highly convenient backpack, covered in a ballistic nylon exterior with water proof coating. Hello rain shower while on the road, you are welcome and not a threat to valuable work equipment any more. Continue reading

lunch box bag - Cool lunch Bag: not music in a box?

Cool lunch Bag: not music in a box?


What do lunches, music & boxes have in common? They oddly combine their presence under one umbrella called: Cool Lunch.
Brilliantly replacing uninspired, common lunch boxes somehow struggling to fit in a bag, Cool Lunch is actually a bag itself, designed by Scandinavian designer Jacob Wagner (here comes the supposed connection with music, as you all know Richard Wagner… perhaps?) Continue reading

child rocker ride wishbone2 50x50 - Wishbone Flip Rocker & Ride On: Rock, Walk, Ride

Wishbone Flip Rocker & Ride On: Rock, Walk, Ride


We all want to buy only the best toys for our children, but the problem is most toys have a short life span and they usually break or your child simply looses interest. This is where the Wishbone Flip Rocker and Ride On kicks in and changes the way we look at toys.

You can say its unique feature is that it ‘grows’ with your child, serving as a starter rocker toy when you child is still young, and as your child gets older it can be changed to a ride-on or push-on toy – TaDa! a 2-in-1 toy. Continue reading

shopping cart hook go - Hook & Go: Let the shopping begin!

Hook & Go: Let the shopping begin!


I love to go shopping, but every time I find myself carrying at least five uncomfortable bags that really limit my hands, and let’s not forget about the weight that makes it even harder as I bounce from one store to the other. So I’ve decide to get myself the Hook & Go, and ever since I never leave home without it.

This handy shopping cart is perfect for farmer’s market, shopping malls, grocery shops, and more – That’s it, I’m hooked, let the shopping begin! Continue reading

trolley suitcase tarpaulin - Tarpaulin trolley: travel light

Tarpaulin trolley: travel light


If you’re looking to travel in comfort and style, look no further than the Tarpaulin new suitcase line by Japanese accessory designer Hideo Wakamatsu. This super lightweight trolley is made from tarp – a very strong, flexible, and water-resistant material – making it the perfect travel bag for a ski vacation or a weekend at the lake. In other words: Très chic! Continue reading

dollhouse villa sibis2 50x50 - Villa Sibis Dollhouse: Mini Villa

Villa Sibis Dollhouse: Mini Villa


In the past when your parents bought you a dollhouse you knew that most likely you’ll see the exact same dollhouse in your friend’s house, that’s mostly because there was only a single mold that was manufactured. Those days are over and now you’ve got a huge variety of dollhouses to choose from, but there is one dollhouse that really caught my eye, and it’s called the Villa Sibis. Continue reading

men toiletry bag doppler - Ogio Doppler Shave Kit: Smooth

Ogio Doppler Shave Kit: Smooth


This is for all the modern men out there… We all know it’s not easy to find a good looking toiletry bag, however, if you’re looking for one that is both stylish and compact, that provides enough space and compartments to store your toothbrush, razor, shaving cream and other toiletries, then you’re in luck – Guys (and Gals), meet Doppler. Continue reading

travel alarm clock harrison - Harrison Travel Alarm Clocks: On Time, Anytime

Harrison Travel Alarm Clocks: On Time, Anytime


While traveling we have to adapt to different timetables. There’s no escape – we still need our alarm clock. The Harrison is a stylish, compact Travel Alarm Clock – the perfect item to keep you being on time while on the go.

This is a great looking clock you’d like to take with you on any trip, whether business or pleasure. It doesn’t matter where you go, what matters is you’ll be on time, anytime. Continue reading

monstergrip gripons - MonsterGrip and GripOns: No more Trippin'

MonsterGrip and GripOns: No more Trippin’


MonsterGrip and GripOns provide winter traction for your feet. These are lightweight pull-on ‘snow tires’ for all footwear – Perfect for all outdoor activities whether you’re walking to work or simply cant give up on jogging simply because it’s icy outside. Continue reading

travel case charger techarge - Techarge Travel Case: Full Power

Techarge Travel Case: Full Power


Travelling nowadays is a tricky business, there are so many cords and cables for the laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, camera, etc – and you need them all. The risk of forgetting something and be stuck without it is a huge headache. Well, it’s good that there are travel cases like the Techarge Travel Case to help you be prepared at all times, without any hassles. Continue reading