workplace studio interiors ajs5 800x561 - ajstudio Workplace

ajstudio Workplace

For some people, going to work can be a drag. But we’re pretty sure, for the busy-bee’s of the ajstudio Workplace – working here must be a pleasure! Continue reading

townhouse renovation ja 800x533 - Project L

Project L

This – once shabby – townhouse now exudes chic charm from every corner thanks to JUMA architects and their thorough renovation on this home, and the finished product is refined elegance with a serene ambiance within steps to the city’s waterway. Continue reading

mid century house remodel jhid 800x509 - William Fletcher House

William Fletcher House

Although most remodeling projects today bring with them ample white space, muted by soft grays and laden with wood flooring, this Jessica Helgerson Interior Designs project took a spin back to the mid-century, with just enough modern appeal to create a fresh spin on an old classic. Continue reading

scandinavian apartment design na1 800x1200 - Hellerup Apartment

Hellerup Apartment

Designed by Norm Architects, Hellerup Apartment takes white space to a whole new level, delivering a cloud of simplistic beauty to every corner of this home without having to add much else to accentuate this timeless apartment. Continue reading

360 penthouse design knof1 800x534 - Penthouse on the Park

Penthouse on the Park

Penthouse on the Park is a proud KNOF design, who had the honor of remodeling this stunning penthouse located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Taking two apartments and melding them into 3600 sq ft of redesigned space is no small feat, but with 360 degrees of panoramic city views to work with, this apartment was likely a breathtaking inspiration to play with. Continue reading

small family home design 800x466 - Home of Small Family

Home of Small Family

Any family would be tickled to have such a gem of a home as this one by Nordico, with cute-as-a-button accents like the deer head light adorning the master bedrooms wall, adding both ambiance and flare. Continue reading

colorful apartment design aw 800x800 - Hegel Apartment

Hegel Apartment

Set in Mexico City, Mexico, this unique apartment design is a curious concoction of colors and textures, oozing with personality and inspiration, passed down from an elderly family member to the young, single graphic designer who now calls this house home. Continue reading

modern home design porto rt1 800x1200 - Casa RT

Casa RT

With the help of Architect Alberto Dias Ribeiro, Casa RT went from a two-level outdated space into a fashion-forward stacked delight! Located in Porto, Portugal, this structure required refurbishing of the entire house, attic and patio, giving this home a facelift that resulted in ageless white walls, pine flooring and an openness to breathe easy in. Continue reading

modern elegant villa design juma 800x533 - Project K

Project K

What happens when you take a 1976 bungalow and hand it over to JUMA Architects? A transformation of epic proportions! By taking only the shell of this structure, JUMA managed to reconfigure the layout into an open haven, closing off the garage and stairways to both the basement as well as the attic, creating optimal floor space in which to roam – along with a beautiful view of the outdoor garden. Continue reading

precious stones gallery ha4 800x1200 - Gallery of Precious Stones

Gallery of Precious Stones

The Gallery of Precious Stones is an exhibition of rocks galore. An exhibition of stones displaying earthly things that have been admired since the dawn of man, and continue to fascinate with their colors, formations and sudden surprises within. Continue reading