rustic modern interiors ak 800x534 - A Traveler’s Home

A Traveler’s Home

A visual walk-through of “A Traveler’s Home” feels like a journey of muted colors, vibrant textures and handpicked furnishings. The wood flooring boasts of a variety of wood grains and colors, with odd directional layouts, offering a whimsical feel conducive to a nomad’s nature. Continue reading

italian villa restoration crotta 800x695 - Casa Crotta

Casa Crotta

If you were to happen upon Casa Crotta as you wandered the area, you might not pay it much attention. But step into the home itself and a flood of interior delights will greet you. This house re-creation by Massimo Galeotti, was formerly known as Dalle Crode, and is assumed to have been utilized as a hunting lodge in the 17th century. Previously owned by a noble family known as the Crotta’s, it immediately offers notable lineage and intrigue. Continue reading

modern family home coogee2 800x534 - North Coogee House

North Coogee House

Collected Interiors definitely collected upon design genius when it came to North Coogee House. With richly polished mahogany flooring throughout the main level, and a spacious open concept feel throughout, this contemporary family home is a joint effort of breezy and elegant. Continue reading

archive studio design jtd 800x1159 - Southbank Centre Archive Studio

Southbank Centre Archive Studio

Southbank Centre Archive Studio is a beautiful restoration project set inside London’s Grade I, and is listed as one of the Royal Festival Halls. Created by Jonathan Tuckey Design, this structure is set against endless windows, open concepts, and airy energy. This space is a centre in which to explore, entertain, and catalogue collections in an environment inspiring enough to infiltrate any dullard. While the freestanding nature of this structure allows for visitors to witness the archival process, and appreciate the unique and tedious nature of such endeavors. Continue reading

modern family home da4 800x533 - Villa Di Pianura

Villa Di Pianura

Villa Di Pianura is a single-family house fraught with fun – if I do say so myself! It’s a bit unassuming from the front, but make your way around back, or enter in through the front door, and you will be welcomed by design wonders at every turn. Continue reading

family home remodel aop 800x534 - LeJeune Residence

LeJeune Residence

LeJeune Residence is located in Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough of Montreal, Canada, one of the most highly recognized creative hubs in the city. Built in 1890, the small building brought with it plenty of character, but was in desperate need for a remodel. Continue reading

modern home extension agnes 800x640 - Brackenbury Gardens

Brackenbury Gardens

What happens when you take a rundown, Victorian dilapidated model of a West London property, and hand it over to TIGG COLL ARCHITECTS? Beauty from ashes is what!
An urgent update was needed by the family who purchased this property, so a plan to expand and beautify the home began immediately with the demolition of the outdoor shed, along with a full width extension and an additional two storeys stacked on top of the original house for a finished project large enough for the entire family. Continue reading

modern apartment barcelona mar 800x578 - Barcelona Diagonal Mar Apartment

Barcelona Diagonal Mar Apartment

This beautiful apartment design featured prominently at the Barcelona Design Week this past year, where YLAB arquitectos showcased their interior design capabilities to a seasoned crowd. The overall intention of this remodel took precedence within the common living area – and rightly so, as it sets the scene sitting atop the wonderful city of Barcelona and delivering a breathtaking seascape view below. Continue reading

converted warehouse restaurant 800x1165 - Vivarium


Millions of people frequent the bustling Bangkok city scene; from dining to shopping, indoor shows to outdoor amusement, this Thai metropolis of 6.3 million is bursting with plenty to do and see. However, Vivarium restaurant isn’t just “another” dining location in which to take a gander, rather it is set to be THE dining destination, offering natural rustic ambiance and a delicious menu. Continue reading

japanese store design pw1 800x956 - Kki Sweets and The Little Drom Store

Kki Sweets and The Little Drom Store

Never before has such a simple space looked so divine, as is the case of Kki Sweets and the Little Drom Store in Singapore. Having won the Retail Category from the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors in 2015, this winner is in the business of selling handcrafted Japanese-slash-French cakes within their Kki Sweets eatery …and not to be outdone, their adjacent location – The Little Drom Store – delivers art and designs worth ogling. Continue reading