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Home of Small Family

Any family would be tickled to have such a gem of a home as this one by Nordico, with cute-as-a-button accents like the deer head light adorning the master bedrooms wall, adding both ambiance and flare.

The brick partition wall between the dining area and living space gives a splash of color within a vastly white palette, while a clydescope of colors offer the built in buffet a striking backsplash also.
Whitewashed large slate wood flooring delivers a modern rustic cabin feel, and the monochromatic tile pattern in the entranceway creates a splash the moment you walk in.



As does the bathroom, which is drenched in sparkling white tiles, carrying the same tile pattern from the entranceway into this space, with a perfectly poised round mirror hanging over the square sink basin – adding shape and form to a small but functional room.




The white picket fence ‘esque dividing wall creates a makeshift office adjacent to the living room; and when pulled all together, this compact family home is kitschy cute with enough wow factor to impress, but enough comfort that one would still feel at ease to put their feet up!




Architects: Nordico
Photography: Hey!Cheese

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