office renovation prointel 800x534 - Prointel Office Renovation

Prointel Office Renovation

If you have ever Googled the Google head office, you would be amazed. That’s how we felt when we stumbled upon the Prointel Office Renovation – amazed! This independent TV production company located in Madrid, Spain was originally constructed in the 70’s, and was recently renovated by AGi Architects, giving it both a fresh look along with a renewed corporate identity. Continue reading

hugg store melbourne1 800x534 - Hugg Store Melbourne, Australia

Hugg Store Melbourne, Australia

First came the yellow brick road, then came Hugg. This sunny yellow store was constructed with plank-style crossbeam and light pine colored slot shelving, which fills the interior of this 2015 newly built store. Continue reading

rooftop apartment h2o 800x1067 - Arsenal Flat

Arsenal Flat

This Arsenal Flat, completed by h2o Architectes, could easily be called the ‘Penthouse Public Library’. Chalk full of creatively fitted and custom designed shelving, this rooftop apartment reads like an epic novel, delivering ample provisions for books upon books upon more books. Continue reading

modern cabin forestier 800x529 - Chalet Forestier

Chalet Forestier

Living small is quickly becoming a big deal around the globe, and this second family home, which acts as a forest chalet getaway, is no exception. This Atelier Barda design has been beautifully constructed in Frelighsburg QC, Canada, and is likely going to be the template for many more demands made for this style of dwelling. Continue reading

modern family home llid 800x770 - Butterton Residence

Butterton Residence

LLI Design truly outdid themselves with the transformation of this family space. Although it was a mere 5 years old, the well crafted redesign of this Buckinghamshire detached house fulfilled the desired attachment this young couple and their 2 children hoped for.The aim was clean and modern without the sterile feel of a clinic, which was delivered upon nicely for this family of four. Continue reading

restaurant design simple 800x800 - Simple


Pulling together a tight team sharing a united vision, Anna Domovesova took hold of the Simple project and helped bring sustainable menu items and complementary products to the storefront and kitchen table of this Kiev, Ukraine eatery. Continue reading

taschen store milan 800x532 - TASCHEN Store Milan

TASCHEN Store Milan

With a potpourri of designers and collaborators having a hand in the creation and collections within this ‘readery’, TASCHEN bursts onto the design Mecca of Milan in a way that does not disappoint. Offering two levels and a 120 square meters of space to display their book palace, TASCHEN layers it’s grandiose works of literature beautifully, melding the minds of various authors from a variety of eras and genres. Continue reading

rooftop villa design sas3 800x539 - Rooftop Villa

Rooftop Villa

This 18th century space in St. Petersburg has been beautifully transformed by Svetozar Andreev Studio into a modern marvel of 21st century design. The three-story penthouse and rooftop villa boasts of nearly 4200 sq. ft. of interior room to roam, with an outdoor living space atop the roof hovering around 1300 sq. ft. Continue reading

reclaimed space 5 800x457 - Reclaimed Space

Reclaimed Space

Reclaimed Space sets the tone by turning projects into passions, collaborating with their customers since their inaugural inception in 2007. This cause-based business was founded by one-part rancher, one-part environmentalist – Tracen Garner. His appreciation for the land, and a sustainable living therein, is evident in his projects. With his approach in using reclaimed and non-toxic materials that result in energy efficient constructs with the capability to be transportable. Continue reading

50s interior zaik jhid 800x533 - Saul Zaik House

Saul Zaik House

Elvis was to music what Architect Saul Zaik was to this 1950’s Portland remodel project. Along with the assistance of Project Manager, Emily Knudsen from Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, this dynamic duo did a bang-up number on this relic. Continue reading