island holiday home nz 5 - Edwards House: Island Holiday Home

Edwards House: Island Holiday Home


This lovely home is located on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Its new owners live overseas, and were looking to transform this small cottage into a holiday house large enough to accommodate two families.

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coastal home plan ns house - North Shore House: Living On A Seaside Slope

North Shore House: Living On A Seaside Slope


The North Shore House is a modern family home in Auckland, New Zealand. This coastal villa is large, featuring a total floor area of 400 sq. meters with a fantastic location sloping down to a smallish sea cliff and into the sea. Continue reading

floating homes 3 - Floating Homes: Prefab On The Water

Floating Homes: Prefab On The Water


Check out this modern floating home in Hamburg’s City Sport Hafen, spanning a total space of 225 sq meters on two floors with beautiful views of the marina. It’s a B-type model, based on a prefabricated modular design, that allows for maximum flexibility and lifestyle adaptation. Continue reading

coastal house hoopers 4 - House on Hoopers Island: Cabins Collective

House on Hoopers Island: Cabins Collective


This large holiday home is comprised of several individual cabins, which are conceptually linked by their exterior metal cladding and sloped roofs. Following Hurricane Isabel, all new residences must be built three feet above the base flood elevation; inspired by the island local vernacular barns and fishing shacks, this unique coastal home was elevated by concrete plinths. Continue reading

coastal house gundersen6 - House Gundersen: Fantasy Fjord Home

House Gundersen: Fantasy Fjord Home


Last year I had the opportunity to visit Norway, and let me tell you this northern country is friendly and unique with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. When I saw this beautiful house I was instantly reminded of astounding crispy blue fjords, rock formations and windswept trees. Continue reading

coastal home island house 8 - Island House: Waterfront Bliss

Island House: Waterfront Bliss


Nestled in a sculptural rocky landscape in the Swedish archipelago of Stockholm, among ancient oaks and pine trees, this modern island house merges beautifully with its surroundings without disrupting the scenic coastline. Continue reading

modern coastal home cb6 - Coastal Villa: Casa Barone

Coastal Villa: Casa Barone


Located east of Stockholm, Sweden, this beautiful coastal home belongs to an Italian painter and his Swedish wife. What was once an old summer house has been turned into a 250 sq. meter villa with an additional 50 sq. meter studio. Continue reading

modern japanese villa s3 - Japanese Architecture: Seaside Villa

Japanese Architecture: Seaside Villa


This concrete structure is a one-story seaside villa located in Huttsu City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. This modern beachfront getaway home belongs to a small family, who lives in Tokyo, and wanted a space for relaxing during weekends. Continue reading

modern house sweden h6 - H-House: A Heavenly Home

H-House: A Heavenly Home


Located in Trosa, in the archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden, the H-House is a gorgeous private residence, situated on a beautiful site overlooking the ocean. Due to the harsh climate in the region, the house was constructed in an H shape, which creates intimate and wind protected spaces and courtyards. Continue reading

summer house xxlong4 - XXLong Summerhouse

XXLong Summerhouse


A long and narrow lot may become a challenge whenever you’re planning to build a house. For example, what can you do with an unusual 10m wide by a 100m long site? Well, you design an unusually XXLong house. Continue reading