floating homes 3 - Floating Homes: Prefab On The Water

Floating Homes: Prefab On The Water


Check out this modern floating home in Hamburg’s City Sport Hafen, spanning a total space of 225 sq meters on two floors with beautiful views of the marina. It’s a B-type model, based on a prefabricated modular design, that allows for maximum flexibility and lifestyle adaptation.

This contemporary prefab home features a floating base of reinforced concrete pontoon system; the basic frame of the structure is a steel construction with planking on both sides; wall and ceiling constructions are vapour-permeable; the outer shell is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and aluminum sheeting with a seawater-resistant coating. The facade consists of large glass openings with integrated sun slats for glazing.




Below are two other models, featuring one floor and a total space of 115-160 sq. meters.



* More info at Floating Homes


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One thought on “Floating Homes: Prefab On The Water

  1. pierre gagnon

    hi, i’m looking for a portable house to install in my pontoon 25ft x 20ft. Is something i can do and undo easy. I want to move from one place to an another place by road.

    sincerely yours,


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