home extension uk lens42 50x50 - Lens House: without mass and weight

Lens House: without mass and weight


Here’s a fine example of how to transform a classic English Victorian semi-detached villa into a contemporary home. Located in London, Lens House is a 19th century building that has been extended in time and space: two new volumes were added to this ancient architecture as a manifest of modern needs.

The new house extension has a total floor area of only 70sqm and is distributed in two separate levels. The first volume wraps around the brick walls at the side and rear of the house to make a small home office, while the second volume extends out at the back to increase the size of the first floor living room. Continue reading

house extension hunsett 1 50x50 - Hunsett Mill: master of disguise

Hunsett Mill: master of disguise


Contemporary architecture has an important role when it comes to balancing the old with the new…In the following project, old means an ancient brick house with an impressive water mill, while new stands for an exceptional wooden house extension. Continue reading

prefab addition california 50x50 - Prefab Addition: a house with butterfly wings

Prefab Addition: a house with butterfly wings


A house extension with butterfly wings…Isn’t this something truly innovative and fresh? In Berkeley, California there’s a prefab building that captures the essence of two related worlds: an existing 1950’s house and its unique surrounding environment. In order to preserve the existing atmosphere designed by a popular landscape architect some cautions were taken as guidelines for the new house extension: two new structures and a recast landscape, all balanced with the original residence. Continue reading

house extension book tower 50x50 - Book Tower extension: a staircase for words

Book Tower extension: a staircase for words


Can a book play a vital part in the design of a modern house extension? The answer is positively yes! and to demonstrate such a remarkable capacity there’s an undeniable tiny statement called Book Tower House Extension in London, UK. The client’s need for storing a large book collection determined the conceptual approach given to this special home extension. In a very pragmatic and poetic solution, walls of books fold around a wooden staircase where a small study area allows a comfortable use of this unique domestic library. A little pearl is now available for all inhabitants to enjoy… Continue reading

modern house extension sh 50x50 - SH House Extension: from brickwork to exposed concrete

SH House Extension: from brickwork to exposed concrete


In North Holland there’s a triangular brick house that’s been extended into a new spatial order… A delicate border was conceived between two different bodies: a modern, single-story concrete extension is now connected to the rear of a 1930s residence offering a total floor area of 210sqm. The ancient brickwork is now reinforced by the presence of a silent new material: exposed concrete. In order to fit harmoniously within the pitched roof of the existing volume, this exquisite house extension presents a special facade design that is slightly more tapered on one side to attain an asymmetric shape. Continue reading

house extension slim 7 50x50 - Slim House Extension: how to heal a claustrophobic house

Slim House Extension: how to heal a claustrophobic house


Located in the former stable access between two properties, the Slim House Extension is the cure for the inhabitants of a narrow and deep house in London – only 2.3 meters wide! The presence of natural light was almost zero due a lack of outward-facing walls. In order to resolve this basic problem a special extension was designed: a sloping roof punctuated with skylights to let natural light enter rooms on each story. This new house addition allows space for a new ground floor dining area, an extra bedroom on the first floor and a study on the second floor. Suddenly, all seems to be fresh and new… free from the darkness and tightness of the previous house configuration. Continue reading

home extension uk garden 10 - Extension of a Private House: between brick and concrete

Extension of a Private House: between brick and concrete


To preserve the secret intimacy of a Victorian house garden – This was the main purpose behind the project that I’m about to show you. In London, UK a discrete house extension was developed in order to create a sense of unity between the exterior garden and the original house. Continue reading

house extension ireland gln 102 50x50 - House at Goleen: enjoy the silence

House at Goleen: enjoy the silence


On the south coast of Ireland, where geological values are predominant and characteristic, a special house extension makes the best of its surrounding nature. House at Goleen is composed of four mono-pitched extensions to an existent rural house with total of 300sqm of constructed area. Continue reading

home extension barn 05 - Extension of a barn: the lost art of invisibility

Extension of a barn: the lost art of invisibility


The most ambitious challenges in architecture always capture our heart and soul…In Switzerland a unique conversion demonstrates great respect for the existing vernacular architecture and great sensitivity to its rural settings, preserving the authenticity and exclusive spirit of the site.

To achieve such an honorable task, an ingenious design was carefully developed in order to obtain a certain aspect of invisibility… How? Let’s enter the village of Lesponne – in the mountainous region of the Hautes-Pyrenees – to examine an outstanding new extension of an old barn. Continue reading

home extension sf200 - 20th Street Residence: a black folding facade

20th Street Residence: a black folding facade


20th Street Residence in San Francisco is an elegant remodel and upward expansion of a derelict home. Ingenious solutions were developed in order to respond efficiently to the client’s needs, such as a unique metal bridge at its entrance and a facade that folds open. Very unusual for a domestic project, don’t you agree? Well, let me introduce you to this unique new house extension. Continue reading