kitchen design balthaup b2 7 - Bulthaup B2 Kitchen System: rethinking the kitchen

Bulthaup B2 Kitchen System: rethinking the kitchen


Trust Bulthaup to radically rethink the kitchen and cooking, and come up with the concept of dividing it into three main areas: work, storage and appliances.

Based on their vast experience and research, Bulthuap has redefined the kitchen to suit the lifestyle and needs of the modern household. Taking into account that modern homes are usually constrained for space, that a family can mean one or two adults with or without any number of children and that the needs of a household changes over time, the most important feature required of a kitchen is flexibility and adaptability. Continue reading

kitchen remodeling ideas - Kitchen Remodeling & Design Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling & Design Ideas


Today’s kitchen serves as the center of life in the modern home. It needs to be both functional and comfortable, fit your house decor and your personal taste, and most importantly provide enough space for a friend or two to keep you company while you’re preparing a tasty meal. Here are some kitchen design ideas and remodeling examples by M.A Architects which I think are simple and beautiful. Continue reading

hidden kitchen bathroom 71 50x50 - Hidden Kitchen & Bathroom

Hidden Kitchen & Bathroom


LA-based interior designer Troy Adams creates functional, sophisticated design combined with zen qualities. His FusionDesign collection is all about nature-inspired elements combining Asian, European and American design, where his most impressive concepts that caught my eye were the ‘kitchen within a kitchen’ and the ‘BenchToilet’. Continue reading

kitchen design schulte 02 - Grace Kitchen Center: Best kitchen design award

Grace Kitchen Center: Best kitchen design award


Designed by Schulte Design, the Grace Kitchen Center has my vote for the best kitchen design award. I mean, just look at it, this kitchen is a work of art – it has a rustic look and feel to it, yet it’s very high-tech. Continue reading

minikitchen boffi 3 - Minikitchen by Boffi

Minikitchen by Boffi


The Minikitchen by Boffi is a re-issue of the visionary Minikitchen by Joe Colombo, a mobile kitchen block of only half a cubic meter containing the main functions of a kitchen. A 1960’s vision for the compact kitchen… Continue reading

kitchen design porsche 2 - Kitchen design idea by Porsche

Kitchen design idea by Porsche


Our next kitchen design idea is the new kitchen especially designed for men, co-designed by Porsche Design Group and Poggenpohl Mobelwerke GmbH.

Porsche’s new aluminum and glass kitchen design is distinguished for its innovative framework, purist styling and high-quality materials. Continue reading

kitchen design sheer 2 - Kitchen design ideas by Sheer

Kitchen design ideas by Sheer


The Sheer kitchen design idea is composed of a 148 cm carbon fiber sphere. A great idea for any kitchen design and especially for the compact house or small house owner since it hardly takes up any space at all. Continue reading


Kitchen design idea by CC-Concepts

kitchen-design-ideaHere’s a kitchen design idea. The circular design kitchen by New Zealand based CC-Concepts. It is a clever idea, innovative and most importantly, compact. This kitchen design idea is a great solution for any compact home or small house design.

The concept behind the circular kitchen idea is the open placement of a kitchen within a room, in nooks and within wall cavities, while saving a lot of space. Since the concept is based on a central open style kitchen, which can rotate 180º the complete work area may be reached from a sitting or standing position without doing one step. Continue reading