kitchen design porsche 2 - Kitchen design idea by Porsche

Kitchen design idea by Porsche


Our next kitchen design idea is the new kitchen especially designed for men, co-designed by Porsche Design Group and Poggenpohl Mobelwerke GmbH.

Porsche’s new aluminum and glass kitchen design is distinguished for its innovative framework, purist styling and high-quality materials.

These days the kitchen is no longer a woman’s domain. Today’s trends show an increasing number of men displaying an interest in ‘kitchen and cuisine’; and what could be better than a Porsche design.

The new Porsche kitchen design permits individual styling within the system framework, so that customers can position cabinet elements any way they like, resulting in a modular and spacious kitchen design.

The system frames comes with integrated lights illuminating the worktop and the surroundings. The front surface design is available in driftwood and dark oak, creating a natural contrast to the cool aluminum and glass.

This kitchen design has a great idea of opening all cabinets by a gentle touch. They simply have no handles. A light push will also be suffice to close them into their original position.

And if you think that’s a great kitchen design idea, wait till you hear about the high-tech audio-video system integrated harmoniously in this new Porsche Design Kitchen available as of spring 2008.


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