small summer house trosa3 - Small Summer House in Trosa

Small Summer House in Trosa


This small wooden house is a holiday home for a couple in their 60’s. It’s only 100 sq. meters and is built for year around use. It received the Swedish Wood Award and was thought of as a tool to explore the qualities and sensations of the site and its natural surroundings, through light, shade and changing weather conditions. Continue reading

small log cabins jalopy hut - Jalopy Cabins: D-Log Cabin

Jalopy Cabins: D-Log Cabin


Today, more and more people are realizing the benefits of living small and ‘going green’; whether by building compact efficient houses or using reclaimed materials, these are just a few of the ways we can be environmentally friendly, save on household expenses and be less of a consumer. If you’re looking for a small log cabin with a Western cowgirl flare, check out Jalopy Cabins by small space builder Wolf Brooks. Continue reading

modern cabin hill6 - Modern Cabin: Hill House

Modern Cabin: Hill House


The Hill House is a small sustainable cabin that sits on a long, narrow, rocky hillside, in a beautiful wooded area in Winthrop, Washington, approx. 190 miles NE of Seattle. Continue reading

modern cabin allandale6 - Modern Cabin: A-frame Allandale House

Modern Cabin: A-frame Allandale House


Protruding like a jagged black rock in a wooded area of slender Birch trees, the Allandale House is a beautiful family vacation home that combines a dark triangular sharp-edged structure with a modern, crisp white interior. Continue reading

modern cabin tye5 - Tye River Cabin: Where the Sky Meets the Mountains

Tye River Cabin: Where the Sky Meets the Mountains


The Tye River Cabin is yet another fine example of ‘small meets modern’. It’s located in Skykomish, Washington – A rural area with lots of trees where they say “the sky meets the mountains”. This wooden cabin is a charming compact retreat that sits on top of a concrete platform overlooking wonderful scenery. Continue reading

summer house soderora 2 - Soderora Summer House

Soderora Summer House


Located in the Stockholm archipelago, this vacation home is minimalist and pure. I love the spacious open plan layout, large openings that bring in light and airiness as well as views in four directions, the roof light placed in the ridge, and the contrast between the dark exterior and bright interior. Continue reading

modern cabin pine 6 - Modern Cabin: A Forest Retreat to Pine For

Modern Cabin: A Forest Retreat to Pine For


The simplicity of the beautiful Pine Forest Cabin is manifested both inside and out. With a small footprint, where two concrete walls cradle a simple box design, this modern 850 sq. ft. cabin hovers over the hillside, enjoying unobstructed views down slope and to the mountains beyond. Continue reading

yurt living pacific 7 - Yurt Living

Yurt Living


Living in a yurt is so cool! An eco-friendly home that is simply perfect for those who are looking for sustainable houses that meet a unique, nomadic lifestyle. Based on the ancient shelters used by Mongolian nomads for centuries, the yurt is a lightweight structure, featuring a circular shape that consists of a durable fabric cover, tension band and a wood frame. Continue reading

modern cabin twisp 4 - Twisp Wood Cabin

Twisp Wood Cabin


This beautiful cabin has definitely got what it takes – a stunning location, double height space with a modern yet warm ambiance, large glass openings and an outside deck looking over wonderful expansive views of the valley below. Continue reading

eco shed 3 - Green Eco-Shed

Green Eco-Shed


Located on a hillside above Snug Cove Village on Bowen Island, B.C., a lovely 280 sq. ft. guest house suite, by the name of Eco-Shed, awaits one or two people who would like to enjoy a relaxing getaway with spectacular forest, ocean, and mountain surroundings at just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Continue reading