modern cabin retreat rra6 - Summer Retreat: a modern coastal cabin

Summer Retreat: a modern coastal cabin


Soft, smooth and tender…These are qualities that architecture should always embrace to achieve the most suitable atmosphere for its dwellers. And wood seems to always assume a privileged role in this equation.

In Fuglevik, Norway, a modern summer retreat reminds us how the ingenious use of organic materials always lead to the conquest of such noble qualities… A small wooden volume with 130 sq. m. of living space establishes a symbiotic connection with its environment: from the concept to its conception! Just follow these simple coordinates: ocean, trees and wooden planks. Continue reading

tiny modern cabin bridge 6 - Bridge Studio: On the Edge

Bridge Studio: On the Edge


The Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation were looking to build six artist studios in different places on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. The aim of this initiative is to help preserve local Islanders’ traditions and to breathe new life into the island through art and culture.

Here is one of the studios. Oh, and do not be fooled – this is a real photograph – Boldly situated on the edge of water, the modern white cube studio looks unreal amidst the rocky and hilly, yet very peaceful surrounding. Continue reading

modern cabin netherlands 6 - Recreational Island House: Exquisite Tranquility

Recreational Island House: Exquisite Tranquility


This holiday home in Breukelen, the Netherlands, has nothing superfluous in it. The modern shell with two glass walls as gable facades, located on the deck at the edge of the water, will satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated and tried retreat-seekers.

226 sq. ft. of protected, yet open space of the cabin offers high comfort and the feeling of being alone with nature. Thus, the eternal choice “fashionable living conditions versus closeness to nature” is really not relevant here: you’ve got both! Continue reading

modern cabin gj91 - Cabin GJ-9: Comfort + Modernism + Nature

Cabin GJ-9: Comfort + Modernism + Nature


The contemporary design of this cabin gave me the feeling of home, of coziness and of warm, unpretentious beauty. That’s why I’d like to share this project with you.

Located in Bjergoy, Norway, the house is very inviting, both inside and out – on the vast wooden-decked terrace, which embraces the building and gives various possibilities to throw glances into the house through big window areas, and inside, where fine wooden-textured surfaces make you feel accepted and warm, where large scale lounge areas offer comfortable places for relaxation. Continue reading

japanese cabin inbetween 5 - InBetween House: blending nature and architecture

InBetween House: blending nature and architecture


Simply breathtaking… What a fine example of turning traditional techniques into modern architecture! The InBetween House works as a group of small mountain cabins situated between Japanese larch trees in a rocky region outside Tokyo. Yes… the word “between” gains a special meaning in this particular context – From nature to the building, all is arranged to work in a very delicate and integrated way. Continue reading

beach cabin blacklodge 3 - Black Lodge: a modern approach to primitive needs

Black Lodge: a modern approach to primitive needs


Raise your hand if you never dreamed about a small beach cabin… For me, no kind of luxury hotel will ever transcend the pure experience of living beside nature’s infinite elements. So, Black Lodge represents a perfect alternative to the conventional resorts in the Swedish island of Furillen. Continue reading

small cabin office cube 5 - The Cube: High definition landscape in 3D

The Cube: High definition landscape in 3D


A 21st century sophisticated work developed in the middle of the wildest landscape…Can you imagine? The small cabin that I’m about to show you gives us the hope that a balanced relation between modern world and natural landscapes is still possible!

This perfect relation gains a special meaning by the way it blends seamlessly into the slope of the mountain. Peter Frazier of UI Architects designed it to be a low profile and uncluttered work space as well as a meditation room and a guest house. Continue reading

tiny cabin nido 3 - Nido Cabin: Royal Simplicity

Nido Cabin: Royal Simplicity


This micro cabin, called Nido, stands amidst the wood overlooking one of the many lakes in Finland. I would do anything to be there now, as the heat in the city becomes almost unbearable. But not only because of the inviting and calming nature would I like to be there. In my opinion this tiny cabin is absolutely adorable! Continue reading

modern cabin twisted 8 - Twisted Cabin: architecture which reveals itself slowly

Twisted Cabin: architecture which reveals itself slowly


When I first stumbled upon this private home in Kvitfjell, Norway, I thought there was nothing too special about its form. But as I was scanning picture after picture I began to doubt my thoughts, and finally I completely changed my mind – The form is unique yet quite simple in the shape of a slightly twisted block. Continue reading

countryside cabin plan hinkle - The Shack at Hinkle Farm: Countryside Retreat

The Shack at Hinkle Farm: Countryside Retreat


Sometimes all we need is simplicity. Sometimes in the middle of a workday, our heart demands clear thoughts and a simple lifestyle instantly! We go searching for beautiful cabins or unique vacation ideas, whereas all we need could be a simple rustic retreat in the countryside. Continue reading