small modern cabin wlms 9 - Williams Cabin: a glacial valley view

Williams Cabin: a glacial valley view


“Oh, it’s all so quiet…” In Colorado there’s a tiny little excuse to get the perfect relaxation. I’m talking about a small secluded getaway called Williams Cabin – This modern cabin works as an inhabitable framework of an astonishing landscape, where mountains and pine trees surround an unpretentious shelter for people who seek quiet and tranquility… Continue reading

small cabin finland 3 - Villa Kallioniemi: worshiping wood

Villa Kallioniemi: worshiping wood


A summer cottage on a Finish island…Heaven is definitely a place on earth! In Uusikaupunki, Finland, there’s a house made of childhood landscape memories. The site is located on the island’s eastern shore and embraces between the ancient pine trees, two wood buildings. Villa Kallioniemi has a total space of 97 sq. m. framing views of a magnificent environment… This small cabin evokes an old building tradition, a special relation between man and nature. Continue reading

modern cabin kvitjell1 3 - Kvitjell 1: Nordic Design

Kvitjell 1: Nordic Design


Let us travel to Norway this time! I’ve got an amazing piece of architecture to share and I am sure you’ll love it. The design of this natural yet contemporary mountain lodge in Gudbrandsdalen fascinated me at once!

One-storied, horizontally stretched volumes, warm wooden elements, noble stone masonry, Norwegian pine trees… The project consists of two houses, which form an inner yard between them. Thus, the special closeness of the ensemble is created, resembling a small Nordic fortress. Continue reading

modern cabin wooden hut 5 - Wooden Hut: a cube-shaped shelter

Wooden Hut: a cube-shaped shelter


Somewhere in Kunamoto, Japan, nestled among lavish green landscapes was born the ultimate statement of wooden architecture. Sou Fujimoto is the creator of a masterpiece: the Wooden Hut.

In this 15, 13 sq.m. cube-shaped mountain shelter, cedar wood timbers establish the only rule that fulfills all the following functions: exterior and interior walls, ceiling and floor, furnishing and stairs, even window frames. In fact, this unique mountain cabin is basically conceived by stacks of 350mm square timbers, joined together. Continue reading

modern cabin rolling hut 5 - The Rolling Huts: The Herd

The Rolling Huts: The Herd


The Rolling Huts, situated in Mazama, WA, seem to show an up-to-date understanding of camping. Six small modern cabins are grouped together but orientated towards the view of the mountains.

I really like this ‘radiating’ master plan solution: the huts seem to be a herd of peaceful animals that have just stopped at the meadow to get some rest and enjoy the landscape views. They don’t interact with each other, the only interest of each hut is the powerful landscape views. And so, they just stand still and watch. Yet, their physical vicinity doesn’t let them forget that they are a group. It couldn’t be better for visitors, who stay there for the weekend: undisturbed by views of other huts’ dwellers, but at the same time feeling sure you can always borrow some salt from your neighbors.
Continue reading

tiny cabin camano1 - C3 Cabin: A Tiny Modern Retreat

C3 Cabin: A Tiny Modern Retreat

This tiny weekend cabin sits on a deep and narrow wooded lot on a high bluff overlooking Puget Sound. The design of the structure is geometrically modern, featuring a simple wood framed box design with large glazed openings leading to a developed garden. Continue reading

small modern cabin stacked 6 - Cabin-in-the-woods With A Twist: Stacked Cabin

Cabin-in-the-woods With A Twist: Stacked Cabin


Oh, how I wish for a cabin in the woods, a small getaway to call my own…
Nestled into a densely wooded hillside in a remote Wisconsin forest the Stacked Cabin, with its contemporary geometric character, is far from the traditional log design we usually see when it comes to forest retreats, however it is a fine example of a small modern cabin-in-the-woods with a twist. Continue reading

modern cottage broeck 1 - Broeck Cottage: to each it's own

Broeck Cottage: to each it’s own


What was once a much-neglected 18th century homestead in an apple orchard in Columbia County, NY, has been beautifully transformed into a modern cottage home with simple clean lines, completed with a new addition with a distinct character of its own. Continue reading

small cabin maquand 2 - Maquand Retreat: simplicity at its best

Maquand Retreat: simplicity at its best


Sometimes things are just that, simple, uncomplicated, and there lies their strength and beauty. The Maquand Retreat is one of those things – a small modern cabin reflecting simplicity at its best. Continue reading

modern house design rw 9 - Robins Way House: A Weave of creativity

Robins Way House: A Weave of creativity


This amazing home was once a 1960’s kit house in Amagansett, NY. The new owners, an interior designer and a DJ, decided to do a complete renovation and addition and transform it into a 2,000 sq. ft. weekend retreat.

The result is absolutely gorgeous! The house looks and feels like a pavilion – stylish, warm and natural – a place of relaxation that combines the modern with the eclectic. Continue reading