delta shelter cabin 4 - Delta Shelter Cabin

Delta Shelter Cabin


Designed by Oska Architects, Delta Shelter is a 1,000 sq. ft weekend cabin in Mazama, WA. It has a small 20’ x 20’ square footprint, which rises three stories high and is topped by the living room/kitchen. Continue reading

cabin dragspelhuset 6 - Dragspelhuset Cabin

Dragspelhuset Cabin


Naturally blended in a beautiful rocky forest landscape in the nature reserve Glaskogen in Sweden, Dragspelhuset is a wooden cabin extension that can expand depending on weather conditions, season or the number of occupants. Continue reading

best cabin design books1 - Bestselling Books: Cabin Design

Bestselling Books: Cabin Design

Whether you’re on a camping trip, a fishing vacation or a secluded romantic retreat – a small log cabin in the woods, by the lake or atop a mountain will bring you closer to nature. Here is our favorite selection of the best selling cabin design books, full of great ideas and gorgeous photographs of both luxury and rustic cabin design. Continue reading

prefab studio laesely 01 - Laesely Prefab Studio

Laesely Prefab Studio


The Copenhagen-based firm of Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, designed this small, prefab studio box. It’s crafted from an insulated wooden frame and exterior wall cladding and I wouldn’t mind using it as my favorite reading space. Continue reading

small cabin molly 5 - Molly's Cabin

Molly’s Cabin


Katja and Adam Thom, from the architectural firm of Agathom, chose a long, windswept granite rock in northern Ontario, Canada to built a small, off the grid wood-framed cabin with a modern slanting roof resembling an airplane wing or a tent flap pulled down and pegged. Continue reading

foster loop cabin - Foster Loop Cabin

Foster Loop Cabin


Located in a forest of Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine in Mazama, Washington, the Foster Loop Cabin is a beautiful retreat designed by Washington-based architecture firm, Balance Associates. Continue reading

small cabin vardehaugen 6 - Cabin Vardehaugen

Cabin Vardehaugen


This small wooden cabin was designed by Fantastic Norway, an Oslo-based architectural studio. Influenced by the unique building culture in the area, this compact 77 sq. meters home is both beautiful and pragmatic. Continue reading

japanese forest house - The Forest House

The Forest House


I have always had a strong connection with the forest. Being surrounded by a vast canopy of trees and leaves allows me to contemplate and become totally calm. The Forest House, by Japanese architecture firm Tezuka Architect, reflects a shade of mystery as it floats in the forest and i simply love it. Continue reading

small cabin clara4 - Small Clara Cabin

Small Clara Cabin


After writing about the creative initiative of the Stankey brothers’ shipping container home, I thought that the small Clara Cabin will also fit nicely with the ‘do-it-yourself cabins in the woods’ kind of thing. Continue reading

small shop plans oregon - Small Home Oregon

Small Home Oregon


Portland-based residential designer and builder, Walt Quade came up with Small Home Oregon. I think his small house designs are lovely, and you can purchase small home plans or simply order them direct. Continue reading