small apartment design int2 800x449 - Apartment Design in Minsk

Apartment Design in Minsk

Who knew greys could be so warm and luxurious? Int2Architecture does and designed a rich home that benefits from a palette of toasty greys with spicy accents. Just one bedroom and bath, this small apartment in Minsk is smartly laid out and furnished with international flair. Continue reading

tiny apartment 51mkca1 800x384 - Five to One Apartment

Five to One Apartment

Space is at a premium most everywhere, and certainly so in New York City. Michael Chen, MKCA, is an architect who specializes in tiny space living. His multi-purpose modern features eliminate single-use and under-used areas to maximize square footage and help us to live with lighter environmental footprints. Continue reading

tiny room maid kitoko - Maid’s Room Renovation

Maid’s Room Renovation

Let’s never wish for more space again! In just eight sq.m., KitoKo Studio has created a tiny yet complete living space for a family’s nanny. It’s the Swiss army knife of living quarters, with every need fulfilled by items that come out when you need them and are perfectly concealed when you don’t. Continue reading

rooftop apartment design am7 - Stone House Rooftop Apartment

Stone House Rooftop Apartment

Just 50 sq.m., this small fourth floor walk-up in Vaasa, Sweden is worth every step you take to get there. Comprised of one bed, one bath, an eat-in kitchen, and living room, the home’s light and volume amplify its compact size. Continue reading

tiny apartment design int2 800x449 - Tiny 40 sq.m. Apartment in Moscow

Tiny 40 sq.m. Apartment in Moscow

Can you imagine living in 40 sq. meters of living space? What is hard for most of us to visualize is beautifully illustrated in this tiny studio apartment in Moscow, designed by INT2 Architecture. Continue reading

tiny apartment design alvm 800x533 - Tiny Apartment

Tiny Apartment

It’s difficult to believe how spacious this tiny studio apartment feels. I’m certain it’s all due to the high ceilings and a wall of enormous south-facing windows in the dual purpose living room and bedroom. The thick exterior walls create deep window wells. Topped with black marble, these built-ins are perfect for display or as an impromptu desk kept cozy by the full-window width radiators. Continue reading

small space living cube 800x534 - The Living Cube

The Living Cube

Living Cube is a genius and stylish solution to small spaces and storage. It was designed by Till Könneker (illDesigns), constructed by Remo Zimmerli (Holzlabor) and Darren Green (The Old Wood Co.) Born out of necessity, it is another brilliant and simple fix. Continue reading

bus converted home - School Bus Converted Home

School Bus Converted Home

This former school bus now traveling home will quickly erase your childhood school transportation memories. Gone are the tight quarters, rambunctious children, cold hard metal, and slippery vinyl upholstery. This 35 feet in length 1978 bus conversion, oozes day light, charm, and comfort. Fully insulated and with a cast iron wood burning stove, it has proven its warmth in the winters in the Colorado Rockies, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. Continue reading

small attic apartment 800x533 - Attic Apartment

Attic Apartment

I dream of renovating a top floor apartment tucked under dramatically sloped metal-sheathed roofs. On the southwest coast of Sweden, this small – less than 100 sq.m. – attic home is brilliant with inspiration. When they made the purchase, the owners were impressed with the potential of the sixth floor space though not its current execution. Of course, there is nothing like removing all of the interior walls to achieve a true sense of design freedom. Additional roof framing picks up where the former walls left off. Continue reading

small home studio ganna13 800x546 - Ganna Home and Studio

Ganna Home and Studio

The compact 53sq. m. home and work space of Ganna Studio is located in an historic home in Taipei. Formerly a village for military dependents, the designers maintained the structure and infused it with new life and light. Continue reading