small house fdm2 - garage transformed into a tiny house

garage transformed into a tiny house

It’s amazing how much life you can breathe in to 41 sq.m. A former garage in Bordeaux, France, reinforces the fact that one can live very comfortably in compact sizes. Of course that quality of life depends on thoughtful design. Just wait and see what the architect, Matthieu de Marien, envisioned and created in this amazing project. Continue reading

small prefab home frdmky 800x533 - Freedomky Model S

Freedomky Model S

Designed by Czech Republic-based Freedomky, this small prefabricated home for one is a delight on so many levels. Compact in size, just 22 sq.m., Model S is a real charmer in style and efficiency. A pair of glass sliders center over the remarkably spacious feeling open kitchen, living, dining area. I’m certain it’s the day light and the cohesive materials, namely wood with a subtle shine, which make it so. The lack of ornate details also expands the space. Continue reading

small space living in2a 800x533 - DG Residence

DG Residence

Many of us have lived in small, fractional apartments that haven’t been designed with the best of intentions. Such was the case for this family in Moscow, Russia. The inventive team at Int2architecture took on the task of redesigning this diminutive apartment with the intent to create vital additional space by thinking outside the box, literally… Continue reading

small apartment remodel ca 800x520 - Barcelona Gothic Quarter Apartment

Barcelona Gothic Quarter Apartment

This innovative and award winning apartment is located in Barcelona, the 2nd largest city in Spain. The London based team at David Kohn Architects was tapped to redesign this iconic small space and they did an amazing job. This triangular shaped building resembles the legendary Flatiron Building in NYC, and cuts diagonally across the grid of Barcelona. David Kohn’s main goal of this redesign was to remove all interior cross walls to create one large space for two brothers who call this their holiday home. Continue reading

small space remodel mca 800x532 - A Contemporary Photographer’s Loft

A Contemporary Photographer’s Loft

This photographer’s loft, located in a former manufacturing plant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, provides a seamlessly divided space for this homeowner’s commercial and residential requirements. The project team of Michael Chen and Kari Anderson has created a carefully edited and purpose driven abode. Michael Chen is a master at creating cleverly hidden storage spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Continue reading

small holiday apartment fun3 800x1200 - Fun House

Fun House

A small 40 sq.m apartment on the beach in France gets a refreshing and relaxing update by UdA architects. The retreat itself asks you to take a vacation from your expectations of a space. The modular interiors of this holiday home is created to be defined by its occupants and their wishes and relationships. It also pays homage to nautical history and beach cabanas. Continue reading

small space interiors ma 800x449 - MA Residence

MA Residence

I can picture this 55 sq.m. home and its luxurious furnishings when it was built in Moscow, prior to the revolution. Now its classic and stunning bones have been maintained to create a contemporary home with a new definition of luxury. Continue reading

tiny apartment sodermalm 800x533 - Tiny Sodermalm Apartment: 1 and a half rooms with a view

Tiny Sodermalm Apartment: 1 and a half rooms with a view

I’m always amazed at the stylish ways to make the most of what many would consider spatially challenged spaces. This small three room apartment in Stockholm does it again. Perhaps it’s the enviable tall ceilings and herringbone wood floors that provide a solid foundation and inspiration to make the most of them. Generous windows provide volume-increasing day light. Continue reading

scandinavian interiors oink6 800x533 - Wiesbaden Apartment: life in watercolor

Wiesbaden Apartment: life in watercolor

As you enter this clearly defined apartment, it cannot be denied that you are swept away by the feeling of being in an intimately designed space. Created by the dynamic team at Studio Oink, this small two room apartment radiates gentle light, alternately illuminating and silhouetting the walls and furnishings in this home. Continue reading

multi pupose table mk1 - MK1 Transforming Coffee Table: Configuring Comfort

MK1 Transforming Coffee Table: Configuring Comfort

The MK1 Transforming Coffee Table is exceedingly simple but outrageously complex all at the same time. In the city where apartment space is minimal if almost feeling non-existent sometimes, the MK1 is desperately needed. At once a coffee table and a dining table, this multi-purpose piece of furniture can switch to one or the other depending on how space is needed. Continue reading