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Freedomky Model S

Designed by Czech Republic-based Freedomky, this small prefabricated home for one is a delight on so many levels. Compact in size, just 22 sq.m., Model S is a real charmer in style and efficiency. A pair of glass sliders center over the remarkably spacious feeling open kitchen, living, dining area. I’m certain it’s the day light and the cohesive materials, namely wood with a subtle shine, which make it so. The lack of ornate details also expands the space.

The wood’s slender graining spans the length of this tiny modern prefab. It wraps up the walls and the ceiling in an unbroken volume. Nearly every element is clad in wood, except for the bedroom niche, the fire back, and the kitchen recess.


A creamy white box is recessed within the base and wall cabinets. Slots in the flat panel floor-to-ceiling cabinet doors are the only ornament. And of course they’re purposeful. The wall of cabinets wraps around to the tiny wood burning cast iron stove. Even the dining table is made of upside down U-shaped vertical grain wooden legs. Its top is white to match the kitchen counter and back splash.



A dreamy deep niche creates a bedroom cocoon, painted in thunder cloud grey. The mattress rests on a high platform of concealed storage. A miniscule bath with a floating vanity and glass shower is bright and white with a small upper window.



Architects: Freedomky
Photography courtesy of Freedomky

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  1. WAN


    For my project development, I was wondering how much the Freedomky Model S ,Compact in size, t 22 sq.m., prefabricated home would cost ?

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    Mr WAN


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