Little Big House: Tasmanian timber box


On the slopes of Mount wellington, Tasmania one can find a small two-story building with a profound sensible approach to its natural surrounding context. Untreated timber cladding creates a chameleon-like effect to this compact house, which enhances even more the relation with nature through the use of reflective mirrored glazing. How can two constructive elements produce such integrity and respect towards Mother Nature? Little Big House is the answer to this question. Continue reading

Tower House: invoking medieval values


An enigmatic dark building punctuates the skyline of the beautiful city of Portland: it’s called Tower House. This four-story volume is situated on a steep hill and its silhouette resembles a tower. The reason behind this conceptual approach results from the vertical distribution of the program – a direct spatial consequence of the site’s topography. Like in a medieval tower, a black pedestrian bridge establishes the contact between the street and the building. Continue reading

TBone House: alphabetized


Designed by Coast Office Architecture, TBone House is a surprising three-story building in Stuttgart, Germany, which unexpectedly references the letter T in its unusual form. Continue reading

Tind: modern prefab reflecting tradition


A prefab home can be a great opportunity to experiment new approaches in architecture. Tind by Stockholm-based Claesson Koivisto Rune proves how contemporary design can reflect traditional architectural values, as it reinterprets the Swedish vernacular house with its gabled roof shape. Continue reading

Village House: five to one summer home


Located in Sjaelland, Denmark this 110 sqm summer home presents an unusual complex of five interconnected gabled cabins. A five-fingered plan organizes the program: the cabins overlap one another to create a central living area that opens out to a series of wooden outdoor decks. The living room, kitchen and dining area occupy three of the cabins, while the fourth contains a master bedroom and the last one is reserved for two smaller bedrooms. Continue reading

Allens Rivulet House: a mix of spaces in Tasmania


Somewhere in Tasmania between green fields and trees there’s a special two-story building of 346sqm called Allens Rivulet House. A brilliant mix of context and program is reflected in a sequence of fully enclosed to semi-enclosed spaces. All rooms are arranged in response to a spatial key element determined by the client: the kitchen. Continue reading

Passion House Prefab: heavy is the new lightweight


A new vision of prefabricated architecture seems to be emerging from Estonia: Passion House. A 40sqm single-story building reveals a different way of thinking about the traditional lightweight concept associated with prefab architecture, pushing the boundaries to another type of meaning: can a prefab home be as heavy as a conventional building? Apparently, the answer is yes… Continue reading

Lake House in Graz: Clear Intentions


There’s a sense of purity and clarity and ease in the form of this house on the shores of Lake Graz in Austria. It’s as if the owners insisted on leaving all their cares behind, along with material frivolity as well. The nine meter in length rectangular home nestles at the base of a hill and reaches for the lake. Crisp and even wooden deck boards prevent the home from diving in yet redeem themselves through their open air dining room. And they cleverly store a canoe underneath on the lake side. Continue reading

Poplar Garden House: Summer Living in The Netherlands


Near the center of the Dutch city of Groningen, the Tuinwijck allotment, or community, gardens allow small buildings for garden storage or for summer living. Architect Haiko Meijer of Onix designed this seasonal home for his family. Continue reading

Fish Creek Guesthouse: Woodland Immersion in Wyoming


This guest house is a perfect study in pure geometry and natural simplicity. The architect owner and his wife situated the small home between the forest and a rushing stream to immerse them in nature through the senses of sight and sound. The rectangular 950 sq.ft. home has super insulated walls that are sheathed in cedar shingles with square galvanized steel sheets meeting the shed roof above. Continue reading