Monterey Driving Gloves: old-school cool

If only cars were still hunks of stylized steel, the Monterey Driving Gloves would be perfect. But we must imagine ourselves driving 1970s Mustangs with ruby-red finish and the top down. Or, we could wear the Monterey Driving Gloves with certainty and enjoy our old-school cool. Continue reading


Jasper Leather Card Wallet: for leather lovers


Leather is just one of those materials that never goes out of fashion and always indicates a kind of personal power. It smells amazing, it looks tremendous, and its texture is soothing. Recognizing all this, the Jasper Leather Card Wallet from Mr. Lentz was designed for the leather lovers. Continue reading


rotation180 Panorama Backpack: Camera at the Ready

Sometimes, a photo can be taken with care, patience, and time. Sometimes, a huge Golden Eagle leaps from a tree and into your horizon. You need to act quickly. But maybe you find yourself fumbling with your backpack, trying to remove your camera that lodged between your lunch and sweatshirt. Then, the Golden Eagle is gone, and your photo opportunity is in its talons. But the rotation180 Panorama from MindShift Gear was designed for you to never miss out again. Continue reading


The Snap Wallet: Like a good pair of bespoke leather shoes


Known for its quality of shoes, Italian craftsmanship has been applied to the Snap Wallet, making our credit cards more comfortable then they’ve ever been.

Hand stitched, and made of leather and wool, the Snap Wallet is almost like the pocket-sized equivalent of a bespoke suit. Hard Graft, the company behind the Snap Wallet even included a unique red and white fabric tab on the wallet that is their signature. Continue reading


Soloo Bag Collection by Mueslii: soft and lustrous


Best thing about duffel bags is that they let you pack as much as you can carry, and then some. Roomy and spacious, some can even be folded when not in use – which can be very handy when planning some serious extra shopping. In terms of style most of these bags take on the tough rugged look and I have yet to see one that is soft to the touch and luxurious looking. Until I stumbled upon the Soloo Collection by Mueslii. Continue reading


The Python Slimpack: For the Traveling Photographer


For the photographer who is always traveling and always needing to shed the weight of gear to photograph some far-flung regions, the Python Slimpack is the ideal backpack. Only as big as it needs to be but still sufficient in size, the Python Slimpack by Booqbags is a small pack that can carry 1-2 DSLR cameras, assorted lenses, a tripod, and even a tablet without bulking up. Continue reading


The Ostrich Pillow: The Ultimate Sleep Aid


My first experience with the Ostrich Pillow was a photo someone took on a plane of a man using it for great leisure. The caption of the photo was “The most comfortable man in the world,” and I can only assume that is how you would feel using the Ostrich Pillow. Continue reading


Galaxy Gear: Calling Dick Tracy


If I see a suited man in a trench coat talking to his wrist, I would certainly pause and consider his intentions. But as it was a struggle to pick out the people who were talking to colleagues on their Bluetooth earpieces, or if they were a little unhinged, it’ll be a similar adaptation to recognize the people using their smart watches, because, such a thing exists now. Continue reading


Take time: A playful { pocket } watch


To say that Mathieu Lehaneur’s portfolio is impressive would be no over-exaggeration. In fact I got totally hooked exploring the many projects he has realized and shares on his website. Totally forgetting about time, till I stumbled upon “Take time”, or else the modern take on pocket watches the French designer came up with for Lexon. Continue reading


The Ziiiro Celeste: The Simplest Watch


There is a theory that among all equal things, the simplest solution is the best. It may be that this was the design theory behind the Celeste, a hyper-simplified wristwatch from the minimalist timepiece designers, Ziiiro. The Celeste uses two shades of color to display the time: hours in a scale of gray, and minutes in an arrangement of bright blues. Removing all the various hands, minute notches, extra back lighting buttons, and stopwatch settings, the Celeste focuses on just telling the time and using the fewest frills possible. Continue reading