waterproof rucksack sanction 50x50 - The Sanction Rucksack: Form and Function Combined

The Sanction Rucksack: Form and Function Combined


There’s a difference between apparel or gear that looks good and the kind that is functional. Often the two are unfortunately separated: the aesthetic doesn’t work very well, and the functional looks a little bland or awkward. But when these two are merged, something quite noteworthy happens—a bigger and better product is created.

With military-inspired materials and San Francisco Bay Area design, the Sanction rucksack is a heavy duty backpack that doesn’t lose the good looks for its utility. Continue reading

daypack bag monolith1 50x50 - The Monolith Series: Smart Bags inside and out

The Monolith Series: Smart Bags inside and out


The great guys at Heimplanet, who also brought us the amazing Cave Tent, came up with a stylishly versatile luggage system by the name of ‘The Monolith Series’. The Monolith family has four members: Daypack (22L), Rucksack (50L+), Duffle Bag (85L), and a Weekender (45L). All four models are extremely smart, and not just for their looks but also for those tiny yet important details hidden inside and out. Continue reading

tag necklace efva2 50x50 - "Make love not war" tags: A mix of humor and irony in jewelry design

“Make love not war” tags: A mix of humor and irony in jewelry design


How may times do we hear the expression “Make love not war” only to wish it would actually take place more often in reality? Multi talented designer Efva Attling is spreading the words of peace and love in a totally unconventional way, calling irony to take her side. She’s using a unisex stamped tag necklace with the message in embossed printing. The tags remind of military badges and here lies the first part of the irony: to write an in fact peaceful message on a symbol of the army. Continue reading

garden tote bag ak4 50x50 - Garden Bag: Woven with benefits

Garden Bag: Woven with benefits


A collaborative effort by Apolis and Kinfolk magazine has produced this multi-purpose rustic carryall, constructed in Bangladesh, that brings social and environmental benefits – whilst looking grand. Continue reading

macbook sleeve cocones 50x50 - The Macbook Air Sleeve: Comfort Design

The Macbook Air Sleeve: Comfort Design


Modern technology can seem kind of cold. It’s just the design. With emphases on metallic finishes, aluminum construction, and monochromatic color palettes, especially in the Apple product family, gadgets don’t convey the warmest emotional feeling, or texture. Then leave it to the accessories to give you a little more comfort.

Take the Macbook Air sleeve from Cocones, and you’ll see how a simple protective case can make your sleek aluminum laptop seem like an old, perfectly-worn book. Continue reading

slr case gaucho 50x50 - The Gaucho SLR case & compact clutch: A country note for photography gear

The Gaucho SLR case & compact clutch: A country note for photography gear


Are you perhaps still puzzled about how to carry your photography gear stylishly? As a style conscious person you might. Whether traveling with a compact camera or a DSLR plus lenses, batteries and extra memory cards, protecting your equipment while making a statement is not always a simple matter to achieve. The Gaucho compact clutch and SLR case of 1701, a company whose motto is “Travel smart. Travel beautiful” promises to do that, so long as a style inspired by cowboys and the middle West is your favorite cup of tea. Continue reading

saddle messenger bag bs 50x50 - 2 in 1 saddle messenger bag: Enjoying the journey and the destination

2 in 1 saddle messenger bag: Enjoying the journey and the destination


Two in one products have been revolutionizing the way we live since many years, other times saving actually on time, other ones saving on space and then others combining both: saving time and space. Brookstone’s saddle messenger bag may be proud of achieving the latter pretty effectively! Continue reading

pocket watch manometrino 50x50 - Manometrino Pocket Watch: a gentleman's piece of jewelry

Manometrino Pocket Watch: a gentleman’s piece of jewelry


I have never worn a pocket watch, but if I did, the Manometrino, forthcoming from Italian watchmaker Giuliano Mazzuoli, would be my selection. Resembling a stethoscope or a scuba diver’s regulator, the Manometrino, close to “little gauge” in Italian, looks like a gentleman’s piece of jewelry. Continue reading

woven backpack tukko4 50x50 - Tukko Woven backpack: Pocket Treasure

Tukko Woven backpack: Pocket Treasure


The Tukko woven leather backpack is a model that rides the current trend for re born rucksacks, but with extra flair unique patterning. We love the use of recycled leather to create a piece that is so flawlessly finished, and also benefits from a suite of brilliant pockets and straps. Continue reading

digital watch nooka 50x50 - Nooka Watches: zazazoom

Nooka Watches: zazazoom


The Nooka watches are a wild set of wrist accessories. They are all adventurous redesigns of our traditional time-keeping devices. No longer are there the three hands cycling around the circle, or the easy-to-read digital numbers. Instead, the Nooka watches display the time with squares that accumulate according to the hour, or bars that slowly fill in more depending on how many minutes have gone by. While the options for Nooka are numerous, the Zub Zoo 40 and Zub Zayu stand out from the crowd. Continue reading