unique bag pangolin4 50x50 - Pangolin & Pangolina: for the daring urban dweller

Pangolin & Pangolina: for the daring urban dweller


Looking at Pangolin and Pangolina bags when asked to share them here with you, little clue did I have of the childhood memories that were going to unfold before me. Do you know these tiny animals that walk on the ground in all their pairs of legs and when encountered with a threat, such as the curious yet tender hands of a little girl, roll themselves into a perfect, tiny ball? Years ago, when the natural kingdom was an oasis of excitement and freedom for the little person that I was, these creatures used to amaze me with the versatility of their nature and their protective spherical shape.

Today, I’m positively surprised to find out that there are Eco-friendly fashion accessories inspired by the bio mechanics of the Pangolin animal. Continue reading

camera bag retrospective 8 50x50 - Retrospective 5 Camera Bag: High Class, Low profile

Retrospective 5 Camera Bag: High Class, Low profile


When it comes to bags, I usually want to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to lugging my expensive photography gear, keeping a low profile is better. The Retrospective shoulder bag collection from ThinkTankPhoto gives you just that and so much more! It’s perfect for street photography or anywhere else you feel the need to be discreet and blend into your surroundings, while combing a classic minimal design with loads of features for today’s modern camera gear. Continue reading

furoshiki fabrics tlc 50x50 - Furoshiki designs: Sustainable packaging eat your heart out

Furoshiki designs: Sustainable packaging eat your heart out


Furoshiki (pronounced fu-rosh-ki) are traditional fabric squares with many personalities used for carrying, well, for whatever you so wish to carry. The Link Collective is a company that gives these simple pieces a desirable edge by commissioning designers worldwide. Continue reading

wrist watch tempo 50x50 - Tempo Wrist watch: Allegro and Lento

Tempo Wrist watch: Allegro and Lento


Time, quality time, passing of time, gaining time are aspects of life and expressions we are all familiar with.
Our lives are based on the time given to us to experience the present. Modern societies are fast paced for sure, resulting in most of us, the modern urban citizens, often feeling trapped in the concept of time. Some will manage to live our lives in more harmonious ways, appreciating the time’s passage and being able to fully concentrate, live and enjoy the present moment. Continue reading

levis commuter jeans 50x50 - Levi's commuter collection: Style meets function for cyclists

Levi’s commuter collection: Style meets function for cyclists


I love riding my bicycle. And as much as I enjoy driving, the act of moving my feet into cyclic movements in order to bring me forward and being responsible for my own balance somehow brings a sense of taking my life in my own hands. Watching parts of favorite neighborhoods move slowly beside and before me, brings a value in the appreciation of time. Continue reading

travel bags whaletale 5 50x50 - Whaletale travel bags: For family travelers

Whaletale travel bags: For family travelers


Traveling time! Who doesn’t love that! And yet who wouldn’t wish to be able to skip over delayed flights or striving to find a little spot to camp for that while, of waiting till the magical moment of boarding that plane to brings us to destinations unknown or simply just our favorite places, comes….

Well there’s some good news and some bad news. Starting with the second part, just so that we have it already behind us – we cannot really skip all the above mentioned inconvenience that sometimes come together with all the good part of traveling. The good news is that we can do something to respond to the situation differently and gain some control. Now, wouldn’t that be so fine?

Mark this word: Whaletale! Continue reading

tool bag acorn3 50x50 - Acorn bags: tools on the go

Acorn bags: tools on the go


Here is something to please the practical mind, who finds joy in using the bicycle, while being able to transport even his/her tools in style! The Acorn Bags are designed exactly for this purpose. They are expandable and compact. A rad combination, indeed!

Imagine never having to search for a misplaced or forgotten tool. Imagine fitting them all in what will roll into a stylish snug. Imagine leather, mounting straps designed to match your beautiful Brook saddle with bag loops. In case you have a larger saddle bag, just toss it into it! Yes, that good! Continue reading

spacecraft watch rj1 50x50 - The Spacecraft: to the moon and back

The Spacecraft: to the moon and back


Shouldn’t a watch for an astronaut reflect the dreamy impressiveness of his or her occupation? A plain and simple Timex timepiece seems too Earthly for the space traveler.

Swiss watch company Romain Jerome took on the task of creating a ticker that would reflect how unique the occupation of an astronaut is. “Spacecraft” is the new watch that should inspire even the most space-phobic earthlings to train to ride in a rocket. Continue reading

running belt flipbelt 50x50 - FlipBelt: Less Jiggly, more Puff

FlipBelt: Less Jiggly, more Puff


Listen to sick beats while you run? Need to take some sugar to the Saturday bootcamp? Tired of leaving the keys under the mat? Savvy sportspeople are more and more in need of pockets to carry essentials when working out. The nature of modern sports and sportswear (think super skinny Lycra) can mean that pockets are not big enough or safe enough to carry heavier items like phones, keys, medication and cash. FlipBelt, by Level Terrain, fulfills these needs, simple. Continue reading

bottle bag bagigia 50x50 - Bagigia: a hot water bottle made by Italian hands

Bagigia: a hot water bottle made by Italian hands


The design of this bag was inspired on a cold day on the streets of Milan, where a woman holding a hot water bottle passed by Gianmarco Godi – the designer of Bagigia. Godi decided to dress up the hot water bottle in leather, while keeping the typical marks on the rubber surface, adorn it with a stainless steel stopper, four rings and two adjustable shoulder straps, and voila! a new bag was born. Continue reading