The Ostrich Pillow: The Ultimate Sleep Aid


My first experience with the Ostrich Pillow was a photo someone took on a plane of a man using it for great leisure. The caption of the photo was “The most comfortable man in the world,” and I can only assume that is how you would feel using the Ostrich Pillow. Continue reading


Galaxy Gear: Calling Dick Tracy


If I see a suited man in a trench coat talking to his wrist, I would certainly pause and consider his intentions. But as it was a struggle to pick out the people who were talking to colleagues on their Bluetooth earpieces, or if they were a little unhinged, it’ll be a similar adaptation to recognize the people using their smart watches, because, such a thing exists now. Continue reading


Take time: A playful { pocket } watch


To say that Mathieu Lehaneur’s portfolio is impressive would be no over-exaggeration. In fact I got totally hooked exploring the many projects he has realized and shares on his website. Totally forgetting about time, till I stumbled upon “Take time”, or else the modern take on pocket watches the French designer came up with for Lexon. Continue reading


The Ziiiro Celeste: The Simplest Watch


There is a theory that among all equal things, the simplest solution is the best. It may be that this was the design theory behind the Celeste, a hyper-simplified wristwatch from the minimalist timepiece designers, Ziiiro. The Celeste uses two shades of color to display the time: hours in a scale of gray, and minutes in an arrangement of bright blues. Removing all the various hands, minute notches, extra back lighting buttons, and stopwatch settings, the Celeste focuses on just telling the time and using the fewest frills possible. Continue reading


BN0042 Watch: Dieter Rams for Braun


Dieter Rams seems unmatched in the world of industrial design. His creations were so specifically impressive that their used still, or their influence on new designers is obvious. Rams’s approach is pure minimalism, removing any unnecessary frills from a product and leaving only the important information. With a watch, information is really all you want. The point is to determine the time not get caught up in extra lights or color. Continue reading


Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves: items of fashion and function


Perhaps the first designs for the smartphone didn’t take into consideration a vulnerability to the weather. But rarely is the world of consumer electronics first and foremost conscious of nature. For touchscreen technology to function, a certain texture is needed, and it happens that most of the gloves we wear in the winter aren’t suitable for touchscreen conduction. With this problem in mind, Dutch company Mujjo spent rather obsessive hours determining which material would allow us to use our smartphones without ever removing our gloves in the cold. Continue reading


The Sanction Rucksack: Form and Function Combined


There’s a difference between apparel or gear that looks good and the kind that is functional. Often the two are unfortunately separated: the aesthetic doesn’t work very well, and the functional looks a little bland or awkward. But when these two are merged, something quite noteworthy happens—a bigger and better product is created.

With military-inspired materials and San Francisco Bay Area design, the Sanction rucksack is a heavy duty backpack that doesn’t lose the good looks for its utility. Continue reading


The Monolith Series: Smart Bags inside and out


The great guys at Heimplanet, who also brought us the amazing Cave Tent, came up with a stylishly versatile luggage system by the name of ‘The Monolith Series’. The Monolith family has four members: Daypack (22L), Rucksack (50L+), Duffle Bag (85L), and a Weekender (45L). All four models are extremely smart, and not just for their looks but also for those tiny yet important details hidden inside and out. Continue reading


“Make love not war” tags: A mix of humor and irony in jewelry design


How may times do we hear the expression “Make love not war” only to wish it would actually take place more often in reality? Multi talented designer Efva Attling is spreading the words of peace and love in a totally unconventional way, calling irony to take her side. She’s using a unisex stamped tag necklace with the message in embossed printing. The tags remind of military badges and here lies the first part of the irony: to write an in fact peaceful message on a symbol of the army. Continue reading


Garden Bag: Woven with benefits


A collaborative effort by Apolis and Kinfolk magazine has produced this multi-purpose rustic carryall, constructed in Bangladesh, that brings social and environmental benefits – whilst looking grand. Continue reading