galaxy gear smartwatch 6 50x50 - Galaxy Gear: Calling Dick Tracy

Galaxy Gear: Calling Dick Tracy


If I see a suited man in a trench coat talking to his wrist, I would certainly pause and consider his intentions. But as it was a struggle to pick out the people who were talking to colleagues on their Bluetooth earpieces, or if they were a little unhinged, it’ll be a similar adaptation to recognize the people using their smart watches, because, such a thing exists now.

Galaxy Gear, the new smart watch from Samsung, is a new world of app activity. While you can’t talk to anyone yet using the Galaxy Gear, it is a very convenient smartphone remote. If you need to quickly manipulate something on your phone, like change a song, check an eMail, or see who’s calling, the Galaxy Gear smart watch displays and controls all that information without needing to touch your phone.

As the smartphone was a smaller, more convenient tool to help you get the information you needed from your personal computer, the smart watch is exactly that in an even smaller form.



The design of the Galaxy Gear is perfectly simple, too. The band includes a recessed camera lens, and the main body of the watch is the beautiful brushed aluminum that seems to be the hip thing these days.

Available in various colors: Jet Black, Lime Green, Mocha Gray, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Wild Orange.


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