cool watch ziiiro celeste 50x50 - The Ziiiro Celeste: The Simplest Watch

The Ziiiro Celeste: The Simplest Watch


There is a theory that among all equal things, the simplest solution is the best. It may be that this was the design theory behind the Celeste, a hyper-simplified wristwatch from the minimalist timepiece designers, Ziiiro. The Celeste uses two shades of color to display the time: hours in a scale of gray, and minutes in an arrangement of bright blues. Removing all the various hands, minute notches, extra back lighting buttons, and stopwatch settings, the Celeste focuses on just telling the time and using the fewest frills possible.

The body of the watch is manufactured from stainless steel and is available in matte Black or Gunmetal finishes that further reinforce the beautiful bareness of the Celeste. As it displays ticking hours and minutes, the two colored discs create a pleasant variegated shade of gray-to-blue light with subtle shifts in color in between.

The Celeste has a specific function, but it doesn’t sacrifice it’s quality of form. And its form doesn’t distract from its function either.




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