Mutewatch: flick of the wrist


The Mutewatch is no ordinary wrist watch, it’s a functional piece of jewelry… Digital jewelry, if you will. It’s designed as a minimalistic bracelet, featuring a hidden touchscreen. Tap the flat surface or flick your wrist and its glowing LED display is activated. Continue reading


Reebok BB 4600 Cinema Pack


Creative juices were definitely brewing at the Reebok headquarters when the concept idea of paying homage to classic films by shoes hit the table. The latest edition to the Reebok Cinema Pack Collection is the Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark inspired BB 4600. The BB 4600 is by far the best shoe to come out of the Cinema Pack (strictly my opinion). If ambitiously charismatic colorways are more up your alley, then the Purple Rain or Tron: Legacy cinema kicks may be closer to your cup of tea- for all others there is the BB 4600. Continue reading


Power Trip Rechargeable Laptop Bags


Purses have become an urban companion. Long gone are the days when a purse just carried our makeup, wallet, and keys- in this digital age we need our seemingly plethora of smart devices to keep us ‘connected’ to the world around us. Thanks to the crafty minds at Minneapolis-based handbag company Urban Junket, you’ll never have to worry about being disconnected ever again.
Introducing their Power Trip rechargeable laptop bags. Continue reading


Peera: Bench & Tool Box


That’s something that men in style and women who are not afraid of drillers will most probably equally love. There’s nothing that I dread more than unstylish moments. No, I wish not to wait till repairs in our home are almost over, so that tool boxes and stools are put away. For me style happens every single minute of our lives and having to mend things in our living residences is part of life. So, I guess I’d better do it all in style.

I only choose tools that are both functional and also appeal to me. Same goes for their storage. You can imagine my excitement when I came across Peera, this super pretty wooden stool, which paired with its aluminum case, it also makes a mostly practical tool storage box, that has nothing to be jealous of concerning style and beauty! Continue reading


Felix Rey Umbrellas: cheeky


Here’s a fashionable winter accessory for all you urban dwellers with a quirky taste. Combine it with a cool looking outfit and you’ll look and feel one of a kind. I’m talking about the adorable bubble umbrella collection by Felix Rey. With its capsule shape to help you shield off all angles of blowing rain, and its transparent and cheeky design, there’s nothing sweeter to protect you on a rainy day. Continue reading


The Moncler Rucksack

High altitude meets high style in this cold weather carrier. When it comes to all things fashion, Italy knows best, so it’s not unusual that Italy based outerwear company Moncler could transform a basic knapsack into something svelte and high-couture. Continue reading


Hu Watch: indefinite fluidity

time / noun /
“The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.”

Time is an element of life. It is a priceless organism that can neither be bought nor sold, but only observed or shared with another. The Hu(man) by Ross Lovegrove for Issey Miyake is not your average wristwatch. Sleek, modern, and austere, this novelty watch is artfully designed to be as an extension of the body. Continue reading


Necklush Infinity Scarves: fabric jewelry

The standoff between your favorite neckpiece and that less than stellar winter scarf is never a pretty one. As you debate over function versus fashion, nine times out of ten you second guess your decision and end up wishing you had made the other choice. Thankfully now the war is over. Introducing the Necklush Infinity Scarf. This creative boho chic necklace/scarf hybrid lets you have your cake and eat it too. Continue reading


Viola Living Jewels: botanical jewelry

Dramatic. Unique. Elegant. Chic. Viola Living Jewels is redefining the art of custom jewelry. Using nature as an element of design, no two pieces will ever be alike. The combination of metal, stone, and botanicals make these effervescent beauties a perfect fit for any style or occasion, or showcased as a statement piece that could be dressed up or down. Continue reading


Shwood Wooden Sunglasses: Adventure in Style

There’s something inspiring about nature. Its effortless beauty is often imitated but never duplicated, but the makers at Shwood have found a way to harness its splendor and turn it into a unique take on an everyday staple. Say goodbye to plastic gimmicky shades – these modern yet understated sunglasses are a true fashion statement. Continue reading