Steel Chair: sticks and handles


Steel chair, unlike its name implies, is made from solid wood. Solid wood that once used to be tool handles, broom sticks, or wooden handles of rakes, spades and flagpoles, all being 28 to 29 mm thick. The color of this chair depends completely on how and where the tools were used, adding a different patina to the wooden texture depending on weather conditions for example. Continue reading


Librato: A multi functional room divider for you and your pet


Take the following components : open plan living, your favorite pets and the occasional need for room dividers. Add them all into an equation and you come up with Librato. What is Librato? It is a room divider designed to serve the needs of your beloved four legged friends, while they elegantly get absorbed in the design of your modern home, assisting into defining these different function areas. If you thought plants, curtains or double sided bookcases are the only ways you can achieve that, it’s time to reevaluate by considering Librato. Continue reading


Giant Birdsnest: Lounge In Nature


Design never seizes to amaze me… Giant Birdsnest is a concept that totally got me with its innovation. Nature seems to be an endless source of inspiration for us as humans and designers, always managing to fire the next great creative moment. This cool lounge piece of furniture was conceived and created as a prototype for new and inspiring socializing spaces. In fact it’s a fusion of furniture and playground. Continue reading


Seat bleu/green: On the couch, on the trend


Whether or not minimalism is worn out, this psychiatrist-inspired seat and chaise longue by design duo Muller Van Severen is fresh to the eyes.
The design ethic is one of strength and lightness. Powder sprayed cylindrical metal tubes network around a light and simple pair of canvas hangings that support the user (in a delightfully artsy pose no doubt). The look is fuss free and classical, yet smart enough to make design junkies look twice, and maybe even Instagram. What’s more, should your budget spread to it, there is the whole of the latest collection to share its space. Continue reading


SW_1 Low Conference Table: Lower height, higher standards


How do you feel during your company’s meetings? Are you comfortable enough or are you perhaps all uptight, trying your best to communicate with everyone around a table that somehow doesn’t feel to be doing its best to support your efforts?

SW_1 low conference table is part of Coalesse’s conference collection and is designed to bring meetings to a whole new level. By lowering the standard height of tables three inches, collaboration is promoted and becomes the basis for conferences unlike the ones we knew so far. Futuristic and minimal, it’s design reminds a bit of a very elegant version of Star Trek, don’t you think? Combined with the beautiful SW_1 Lounge, a harmonious total is formed. Continue reading


Chesterfield sofa: A timeless classic


Chesterfield sofas still have a strong presence among the many modern versions. They convey a British accent appreciated by many for its classicism and long lasting quality. The London vintage top grain leather Chesterfield sofa available from Kathy Kuo Home is a model made from vintage leather as it’s name implies, adding a nice weathered texture to its appearance speaking of charm. Tight tailoring, rolled arms, tacked details and deep tufting are its major characteristics delivering a rather masculine style, suitable to a variety of style traditions, from rustic lodges and libraries to neo – bachelor pads. Continue reading


OpenBook Library Chair: Literal literature

Reading chair with integral shelving and journal hangers

The OpenBook seat is a reading chair with integral shelving and journal hangers. Initially designed to solve a tricky interiors problem, the OpenBook is now available as a stand alone piece that celebrates the written word. Continue reading


Kettal Cottage Daybed: A miniature summer home


There is something incredibly inviting in the very concept of a “daybed”, wouldn’t you agree? It speaks of vacation, it signifies a break from the routine and it promises fractions of life well lived and enjoyed. It reminds of the Southern custom of siesta, a short, rejuvenating nap, lasting from 20 min up to 2 hours, taken during the middle of the day, in order to provide extra strength for nights long lived, much like it is used in countries like South Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece to name but a few. Blame it on the long summers and the particularly hot days, a daybed is a place much loved and deeply cherished. Continue reading


Acorn One & Two Seaters: a call to all retro lovers


Here is a call to all retro lovers to urgently come say hello to two beauties that seem as if they have come out from the middle of the 20th century! However some might prefer to find and give new life to original pieces after taking good care of them, the Acorn one and two seaters are two great suggestions, addressing everyone, devoted retro lovers included. Continue reading


Smart & Magic Desks: A modern interpretation of the classic bureau


I never tire of discovering the next yet awesome piece of furniture to share with you here. Today our virtual conversation consists of desks with adjectives such as “magic” and “smart” being used to equally define and name them. Starting with the Magic Desk, it is nothing less than what it promises: magical. An outstandingly aesthetically beautiful desk, an innovative interpretation of the classic bureau, managing to offer functional details perfectly planned to the last one. In its closed state, it resembles a refined and elegant sideboard. Continue reading