wood fireplace slimfocus 800x587 - Slimfocus


Nothing short of WOW is what Dominique Imbert’s design studio has been able to achieve. The French based company specializes in modern fireplaces and their creations are absolutely breathtaking. One of their main designs is the ‘Slimfocus’ which won the “Interior innovation award “ in 2015. Its chic cylindrical shape steals the show and offers a contemporary design that is bound to be the focal point of any interior. Continue reading

smokestack 800x600 - Roije Smokestack

Roije Smokestack

Frederik Roije, an interior and product designer based in Amsterdam, adds beauty to functional but often neglected-in-style objects. His impressive collection of carefully considered and crafted creations has been displayed at museums and international design events. These otherwise ordinary items, a chicken coop, a child’s chair with built-in lamp, bird houses, and bent metal pipe lighting, express his genuine concern for utilitarian good looks. Continue reading

lantern lamp tipi - Tipi & Boo

Tipi & Boo

The designers Marten & Gustav Cyren who created Tipi & Boo have a great philosophy- they create “furniture for tranquility”. Furniture designed to be used in times when you are relaxing and enjoying yourself and those that you love. Tipi & Boo are fantastically designed outdoor pieces that truly encapsulate this motto. Tipi is a lamp made from teak wood that has an appealing tipi like shape, and Boo is a fire basket that can be used either for live fires or can be reversed and used as a lantern holder. Continue reading

modern stove stack1 50x50 - Stack stoves: crisp creativity

Stack stoves: crisp creativity


Having and maintaining a pleasant temperature at home or in the office is quite essential to our well being, especially during cold weather as most of us experience these days. I don’t know which kind of heating systems you have chosen for or already found installed in your homes, but I do know that heating stoves are being quite popular once again, seen and constructed under new guidelines. Continue reading

modern fireplace pico kamin 50x50 - Pico Kamin: Warm feeling, cool features

Pico Kamin: Warm feeling, cool features


For modern design mavens, wood-burning stoves are much more than simply a heat source. The Pico Kamin version is an edgy-as-you-like grey steel stove that allows you to optionally hide the flue, or celebrate it. Continue reading

fireplace design modfire3 50x50 - ModFire Collection: Stealing Fire from (Design) Gods

ModFire Collection: Stealing Fire from (Design) Gods


The ModFire Collection, now 8 different products in total, is a series of modern, portable fireplaces created by artist Brandon Williams. Ranging from just 2 foot to 7 foot, the selection of open fire holders can bring warmth to a tabletop or to a whole venue depending on the scale of your space. Continue reading

fireplace stix ecosmart 22 50x50 - Stix Ecosmart: an ecologic and modern twist on campfires

Stix Ecosmart: an ecologic and modern twist on campfires


Fireplaces are a wonderful focal point whether placed inside or outside. They add actual and visual warmth, attracting people to sit around it.
Not all spaces are designed incorporating one though. An easy fix is to use a “no smoke, no soot, no ash” alternative, which are usually built to be powered by clean-burning, environmentally friendly bioethanol. Continue reading

log carrier holder pilgrim2 50x50 - Pilgrim Home: spruce up your fireplace design

Pilgrim Home: spruce up your fireplace design


A fireplace usually serves as the central focal point of your home, and there’s no denying that cuddling near a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night is a real treat. So, if you’re looking to accent and spruce up your fireplace design, today’s market offers gorgeous screens, tool sets and wood holders that will add loads of character and rustic style to your home decor. Continue reading

fireplace log basket blomus2 50x50 - Blomus Fireplace Log Baskets: Wood Work

Blomus Fireplace Log Baskets: Wood Work


I think we can all agree that one of the most heart warming sights is a fireplace on a cold winter’s night. In order to keep that fire burning, we need to have a pile of logs ready. These beautifully modern Wood Log Baskets, from Blomus, will help you keep the fire lit all night long, while adding a touch of style to your fireplace design. Continue reading

mobile fireplace travelmate 22 50x50 - Travelmate Mobile Fireplace: Trail of Flames

Travelmate Mobile Fireplace: Trail of Flames


When we think about a fireplace few associations pop into mind: home, winter, cozy, ambiance, warmth and the list goes on. The Travelmate Mobile Fireplace, from Conmoto, will let you enjoy the coziness, the heat, the homey feeling and the special ambiance – all over the house.

Featuring the technology of a smokeless fire combined with a weather resistant powder coating, as well as a gorgeous fireplace design in the form of a suitcase, says it all – this fireplace is not tide up to anything and can be placed anywhere around the house! How cool is that. Continue reading