folding colander armdlo 800x712 - RMDLO Folding Colander

RMDLO Folding Colander

Saving on kitchen space is a mission for most people, especially those who live in small spaces. The RMDLO Folding Colander is a perfect example of how smart design can come to the rescue. The RMDLO has a patented leaf shape design that folds inwards when not in use and easily opens into a flexible and smart colander when necessary. The Colander was created by Ran Merkazy and Fred Camrass, two UK based designers with a great vision. Continue reading

divided skillet pan mp1 800x560 - Master Pan Divided Skillet

Master Pan Divided Skillet

Warning- if you love cooking, you are going to find the Master Pan Divided Skillet absolutely irresistible. It has 5 separate compartments which means that you can create an entire meal using a single surface! (and only have to clean up one dish) Continue reading

folding whisk twist jj - Twist Whisk: Hidden Design

Twist Whisk: Hidden Design

Kitchen appliances are something of a fetish for me, and I can never find enough kitchen activities to justify buying as many as I want to. But I must, must find a use for the Twist Whisk. A convertible contraption, the Twist Whisk can expand or contract depending on how you want to use it. Continue reading

wood pizza oven ecoque 50x50 - EcoQue Artisan Oven & Smoker: For the Endless Summer Party

EcoQue Artisan Oven & Smoker: For the Endless Summer Party


While I was raised on the ball-shaped, black Weber charcoal grill, I will argue that I should have been raised on the Artisan Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker from EcoQue. There is plenty of enjoyment from turning barbecue chicken and hamburgers on a charcoal grill, but as my appetite for diverse dinners increases, the impressive pizza oven and smoker is all that will satisfy me now. Continue reading

holidays chef 50x50 - Top 10 Holiday Gifts For The cooking aficionado and kitchen chef

Top 10 Holiday Gifts For The cooking aficionado and kitchen chef


Today we bring you the coolest gadgets to spice up your kitchen. From handy cookbook stands to elegant grinders, measuring cups, knife sets and more – Here are our favorite top 10 holiday gift ideas for the cooking aficionado and kitchen chef. Continue reading

chef knives naifud672 50x50 - Naifu Knives: Smooth

Naifu Knives: Smooth

Winter is here and what better way to soothe the cold weather than to pamper yourself, and loved ones, with a hot cooked meal. As an avid cook myself, I’ve decided to invite a couple of friends over for a simple, unpretentious Sunday lunch, and to make everyone comfortable and warm – a hot and steamy vegetable soup was definitely in order.

Potatoes, carrots, various root and squash, onion and garlic, have all invaded my countertop waiting to be sliced… Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve been searching for quite some time now for that special chef knife that would make slicing and preparing food a whole lot easier. Fortunately, a couple of days ago I received the Naifu D67 – a supremely sharp Japanese Damascus steel chef knife, that was just waiting for its chance to shine. Continue reading

cast iron pot sarpaneva2 50x50 - Sarpaneva Cast Iron Pot: A Timeless Addition To Your Kitchen

Sarpaneva Cast Iron Pot: A Timeless Addition To Your Kitchen


I’m always happy to come across items that enhance my whole kitchen experience – and the Sarpaneva Cast Iron Pot by the well known Scandinavian company, IIttala, is one of them. Originally designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1960, this wonderful cooking pot blends functionalism and a polished aesthetic that ensures its timelessness. It is an award winning Finnish design classic, after all. Continue reading

cooking utensils nest2 50x50 - Nest Utensils: maximizing working space in your kitchen

Nest Utensils: maximizing working space in your kitchen


If you are in need of saving every extra possible centimeter on the surface of your kitchen’s working area, then Nest Utensils should not slip from your attention. Brilliantly designed by Joseph Joseph, they make cluttered drawers and busy cooking area tops history. How? By simply using one of the utensils itself as a base, where the rest four of the 5 piece cooking set are stacked upon one another. Continue reading

french rolling pins vermont2 50x50 - Vermont Rolling Pins: Pure Craftsmanship

Vermont Rolling Pins: Pure Craftsmanship


Yesterday, as I was opening my package from Vermont Rolling Pins, the first thing that came to mind was “Craftsmanship”. Smooth and lightweight, my new French rolling pin was nestled in its box, waiting for me to lift it up in my hands and feel the ever-so-smooth Maple wood material and the slightly curved shape of this fabulous cooking tool – The fact that it was light as a feather seemed to make me smile even more. Continue reading

kitchen measuring cups nigella2 50x50 - Measuring cups by Nigella Lawson: BlissHome

Measuring cups by Nigella Lawson: BlissHome


Hello prettiest of measuring cups ever! I can hardly control my enthusiasm when a product seems to fulfill my highest expectations. You see, I’m one of these modern housewives, who combine taking care of a household with working from home and I must admit that nothing relaxes me more than spending a little time in the kitchen, baking a simple but delicious and favorite chocolate cake. All that in between (or very often during as well) styling, photographing, writing blog posts and articles for Busyboo of course ; ) Continue reading