outdoor wine glass parqer 800x534 - Parqer Glass

Parqer Glass

No need to rethink a romantic date in the park or on the beach, with the Parqer Glass you and your loved one can comfortably enjoy your favorite wine outdoors. Continue reading

stemless glassware carat 800x521 - Carat


When I first saw the Carat glasses, my reaction was “WOW, I want one!”. Created by Lincoln Kayiwa of KAYIWA studio design – a Finish based studio- the glass collection offers a new, exciting and super stylish way to enjoy your favorite drink. The glasses have an irresistible diamond shape and a pointed vs. flat base. This means that when you rest the glass it lays on an angle- a design element that truly sets it apart. Continue reading

glassware set covo 50x50 - Nice On Ice Glasses & Carafe: Better Together

Nice On Ice Glasses & Carafe: Better Together


The Nice On Ice glassware set is a set of six unusual slim beakers and a matching ice bowl in matching glass. By letting the glasses sit together in the ice, Nice On Ice prevents dilution of your preferred tipple, chills it nicely, and creates a piece of decoration in itself. Continue reading

champagne flute lagerfeld2 50x50 - Champagne flute set by Karl Lagerfeld

Champagne flute set by Karl Lagerfeld


What if Haute Couture stopped characterizing only clothes and also jumped on home accessories, like your glass line for example? In that case, wouldn’t you just love having a set of champagne flutes designed by the remarkable Karl Lagerfeld? The world wide famous designer has re imagined these classical, traditional pieces, which with Holiday season on the way, are ready to be the protagonists of many elegant drinking scenes, filled with sparkle literally and metaphorically. Continue reading

colorful glassware splash2 50x50 - Splash wine glasses: add color to your drink

Splash wine glasses: add color to your drink


Since one can never have too many wine glasses and since I’m personally a fan of mixing and matching, here is another set of stylish designer glassware for you to choose from. A set of four, carrying a surprisingly delightful color splash in the glass bottoms and stems, designed to look equally beautiful before and after serving wine, martini or Champagne in them. Continue reading

designer glassware floats 50x50 - Float Glassware: suspended magic

Float Glassware: suspended magic


Extraordinary in a very elegant way is the glassware line “float” designed by molostore, handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest borosilicate glass.
Simple forms, clean lines and thermally resistant, this brilliant design brings aesthetics and functionality in perfect marriage.
The glassware line covers a wide range, from tea cups to red wine glasses, to martini, to liqueur glasses, to champagne and pilsner flutes, to bowls and tea lanterns. Continue reading

designer glassware future 32 50x50 - Future Collection: Glassware reflection

Future Collection: Glassware reflection


This beautiful glassware collection was designed by Peter Svarrer for Holmegaard for over a decade ago. Back then it represented his answer to the water glass of the future, hence the name. No doubt, his elegant design still holds up today.

In addition, the collection also includes an array of delicate glassware, such as jug/carafe, champagne and wine glasses – some mouth blown, some machine made – all in various sizes and soft transparent colors. Continue reading

whiskey glass set rh2 - Whiskey Glass Set: the smooth taste of

Whiskey Glass Set: the smooth taste of


After a hard day at work I love to come home, sit on the sofa, pour me a glass of scotch and just relax. Most people don’t know but the glass itself makes the difference between a normal glass of whiskey to a superb glass of whiskey. That’s the place when Normann Copenhagen enters and introduces us to the high quality of this unique Whiskey Glass Set, where each sip you take feels like you’re drinking the nectar of the gods. Continue reading

glass water carafe fontana2 50x50 - Fontana Water Carafe: Pure, Clear Refreshing

Fontana Water Carafe: Pure, Clear Refreshing


Imagine… You’re sitting down for an alfresco meal, you have delicious food on the table, a bottle of wine, candles, the whole lot. There’s only one thing missing – a fresh cool drink to start with. The Fontana Water Carafe is just what you need to serve your guests in style and leave them wanting more. Continue reading

stemware rack cuisipro2 50x50 - Cuisipro Stemware Rack: Hang Out To dry

Cuisipro Stemware Rack: Hang Out To dry


This Stemware Rack, from Cuisipro, is an elegant drying rack that will let you air dry and display wine glasses or champagne flutes in a stylish, sophisticated way. The arms of the rack are angled to securely cradle a variety of glasses; durable, frosted plastic “fingers” at the ends of the arms protect glass from scratches and chips. A sturdy, wide basin catches water drops as your stemware dries. The easy-to-grasp top knob makes it easy to move the rack from the countertop to the bar or table. With a capacity for 8 glasses, you can be assured you’ll have enough for your next dinner party. Continue reading