tableware tic tac toe woody 800x669 - WOODY Tic Tac Toe

WOODY Tic Tac Toe

Drink and play with the WOODY Tic Tac Toe drinking set as this tableware accessory works both as a food tray and a tic-tac-toe game. Continue reading

fine bone china set cordello1 800x375 - Cordello Home

Cordello Home

Cordello Home is a site chalk full of must have’s, cozy collectibles, and delightful gift-giving ideas for your home. Whether you are looking for unique household items with which to register for your wedding, or you simply wish to make a splurge purchase of a bone china tea set …Cordello Home is a one-stop-shop! Continue reading

glass incanter sempli 800x800 - Sempli Incanter

Sempli Incanter

The Sempli Incanter is a designer carafe that offers a refreshing and highly visual way to mix juices and cocktails. The Incanter is made from transparent glass and has an internal cylinder into which you place your ingredients. As soon as you are ready to stir, you gently tap the Incanter, and thanks to its signature spinning bottom, it will begin to rotate. The process is pretty cool since you can directly view the mixing of colors and textures. Continue reading

porcelain tableware make - Atelier Make Tableware

Atelier Make Tableware

Handmade porcelain tableware that’s accessible to many is a rarity. Yet designers Jaimie Robson and Maya Ersan, Atelier Make, are crafting exquisite pieces that bring a charming style to even ordinary tasks. Elevating the art of everyday rituals of making a cup of tea or sharing a meal is their passion. Their Mediterranean and Scandinavian heritage form the collection’s foundation. Continue reading

wine carafe ww - W/W Carafe

W/W Carafe

If you are a wine connoisseur, you are bound to appreciate the brilliant design behind the W/W Carafe. In order to increase the wine’s flavor, the W/W has a special stainless steel filter with a matrix of holes. As the wine is poured through this filter, the surface of the wine increases eightfold compared to wine poured through a normal wine bottle, and the wine undergoes an 800% greater aeration process!

The W/W Carafe, which stands for “water” and “wine” is also great for other beverages since the filter stops ice or other large garnishes such as herbs and fruits from pouring into the glass. Continue reading

kitchen tools klipy 800x471 - Klipy Kitchen Tools

Klipy Kitchen Tools

I love entertaining, whether on holidays, birthdays or simply on the weekend, there’s nothing like passing time with family and friends. However, as a city dweller it’s sometimes a bit challenging as space is quite compact, which is why I prefer items that are designed with functionality and a small footprint in mind.

Today, I’m going to share two wonderful kitchen tools that will make my life (and yours) a lot easier. One is a cake divider, the other, a compact dish drainer – designed by industrial designer Guy Klipshtein from Klipy Studio. Continue reading

tray basket norm4 800x600 - Multi Basket

Multi Basket

The Multi Basket is an exciting modern take on the traditional basket. Designed by Copenhagen-based Norm Architects, the Multi Basket is a hybrid between a tray and a basket. When the handle is down it functions as a tray and when the handle is up you have a portable basket. Regardless of what you choose to put in it, this multi-functional piece beautifully displays its content and gives it a contemporary touch. Continue reading

designer kitchen tableware oj2 800x512 - Ole Jensen Kitchen/Tableware: Simple, not Silly

Ole Jensen Kitchen/Tableware: Simple, not Silly

As a life-long fan of kitchen appliances, and perhaps a little obsessive with them, it is reassuring to find a set like Ole Jensen’s. The starkly-designed set of cups, plates, pitchers, juicers, bowls, and storage containers is something of an ideal. Continue reading

serving double dish jj - Double Dish: Two in One

Double Dish: Two in One

With some innovative kitchen engineering, the Double Dish is actually a bowl made for separating your spent shells and pits from the olives and nuts you might be enjoying. In the center of the main bowl is a dish that serves as the main compartment for all the snacks you want to store. Then, the body of the bowl is another receptacle for your spent bits. Continue reading

serving bowls ape3 50x50 - Ape: Serving the perfect cocktail party

Ape: Serving the perfect cocktail party


It is since the 1950’s that Alessi has been providing cocktail products making it a leading and a mostly favorite brand. Recently, they collaborated with industrial designer Gioulio Iacchetti’s and a new series was born, with a rather funny name: Ape. Continue reading