induction cooktop cx491 800x897 - CX491 Induction Cooktop

CX491 Induction Cooktop

Cooking food has never been easier. Gaggenau, a German manufacturer of high-end home appliances, which has continuously won awards for the design of its products, has launched the CX491 Induction Cooktop. It makes cooking a true delight, and what is really cool abut its design is that the induction base knows to identify where the cookware is and heats only that space. Continue reading

kitchen hoods elica - Elica Kitchen Hoods

Elica Kitchen Hoods

Elica kitchen hoods are truly outstanding in their design and offer kitchen owners a refreshing ultra-modern alternative to traditional hoods. Their style is clean, sophisticated and full of vitality. Elica’s four leading models are Dynamique, Shell, Space and Adagio. While each design is unique, they all offer high performance, energy saving and user friendly solutions. Continue reading

coffeemaker ratio1 800x651 - Ratio Coffeemaker: Classical, Technological, Delicious

Ratio Coffeemaker: Classical, Technological, Delicious

As a coffee lover and design fanatic, the Ratio Coffeemaker is just a perfect marriage of caffeine and art. Rejecting both the stark utility of cheap coffeemakers that have no kind of aesthetic whatsoever, and blending the habit of treating a cup of coffee like a gourmet meal, the Ratio Coffeemaker by Mark Hellweg is just tremendous. Continue reading

whirlpool bathtub seaside31 - Seaside For The Bathroom: hidden pleasures

Seaside For The Bathroom: hidden pleasures

By this point, most bathtubs are just something you expect to see in any home or apartment. There’s usually only a very focused use for them: to give you a space in which to bath and clean yourself. But bathtubs can be so much more, no matter how ridiculous that is to say. Continue reading

led ceiling fan haiku 8 50x50 - Haiku ceiling fan: high aesthetics

Haiku ceiling fan: high aesthetics


Design wise, most ceiling fans are just not my cup of tea, to say the least. Of course there are the mini floor versions which could be placed on furniture, quite often in a very sympathetic design which today we consider vintage and very often desirable. There has been not one case of a decent ceiling fan though. At least in my eyes. And when they came together with lighting, the outcome was even more dreadful.

I am so relieved to have found out about Haiku ceiling fans and their LED version. Should there ever emerge the need to incorporate a ceiling fan to what might be a summer house once, there is an alternative that will not only perform its duty in the finest of manners, it’ll also do it in complete elegance and discreteness, thanks to beautifully shaped curvy lines. Continue reading

smeg washing machine 50x50 - Smeg washing machine: Do your laundry in Fab Retro style

Smeg washing machine: Do your laundry in Fab Retro style


Gone are the days when household appliances lacked in beauty and quite often hiding them away was the only solution. I don’t know about you, but I have vowed to have nothing in my home that is neither pretty nor useful at the same time. My washing machine might not be as charming as Smeg’s 50’s style model – a continuation of its famous reproduction of fridges – but it is nice and new, neatly placed behind a pretty curtain at the laundry area next to our kitchen, occupying our very small corridor. Continue reading

towel warmer grafe3 50x50 - Grafe Towel Warmer: Unexpected stationary for the bathroom

Grafe Towel Warmer: Unexpected stationary for the bathroom


It should only take a glance to realize that while looking at the Grafe towel warmer of Scirocco’s design collection, a strong correlation to office supplies and going back to school inevitably happens. What is a giant metal paper clip doing vertically or horizontally placed on the walls of our bathrooms? Well, warming our towels while looking smart, attractive and fun! Continue reading

cooling fans windsl 50x50 - Wind Fan: An organic take on cooling fans

Wind Fan: An organic take on cooling fans


Autumn might be running its 2nd half in this part of the world, still being informed on good design of home appliances even when only necessary for the hot summer days is never a loss. This is bookmarked as a potential choice for the next season, should hot summer days decide to settle in middle Europe for some time. Or perhaps, they’ll make a good addition to the summer house… yours and ours. Having a preference to natural materials, the Wind S and L, two size versions of the same floor or table fan seem like a good choice. Jasper Startup is the designing mind behind them. Continue reading

shower spa sensorysky 50x50 - Sensory sky: Beyond singing in the rain

Sensory sky: Beyond singing in the rain


Have you recently perhaps had a unique spa experience? I’ve had mine much further to the past than I actually would like, still I remember with detail every sensation and emotion as water was dripping on my head and body in a variety of tensity, shapes, releasing simultaneously essential oils… the smell of fresh mint almost still tickling my nose.

Now, let’s press fast forward a tiny little bit, to the moment where I choose to incorporate a pretty amazing thing in the shower room of our one-day-new-house, so that I no longer have to rely on spa experiences taking place once in a while. Instead exactly whenever I want to. Sensory sky, made by Dornbracht, seems like the perfect choice. Continue reading

kitchen sink novus 50x50 - Novus Sink: If Apple made an iSink, it might well look like this

Novus Sink: If Apple made an iSink, it might well look like this


The Novus Sink by Houzer is a new take on a kitchen staple, with a tidy aesthetic and a formidable list of performance-engineering features. Though most of these are invisible without the catalog, the additional sliding layers that gift an extra 60 of working space are an immediate design attraction. Continue reading