room divider parawall 50x50 - Parawall: unite and divide us

Parawall: unite and divide us


A room divider is the perfect accessory for loft apartments or any other large, open space, as it usually serves as a screen for privacy or to separate one space from another. Designer Anne Lorenz reinterpreted the traditional divider and created Parawall – a modular system for dividing living areas with added storage space and loads of versatility. Continue reading

screen room divider trnq 32 50x50 - Tranquility Screen Room Dividers: Perfect privacy

Tranquility Screen Room Dividers: Perfect privacy


There are some things in our room that weren’t meant to be seen by others, or sometimes all we want is a bit of privacy. For that there is a perfect solution – a decorative room divider, like the Tranquility Screen – one of the most attractive and functional pieces of furniture that will do the trick. One of the best features of this screen divider is the built-in blinds that allow each panel to be adjusted in terms of light, privacy and appearance. Continue reading

screen room divider boontje2 50x50 - Until Dawn Curtain: a delicate flora and fauna backdrop

Until Dawn Curtain: a delicate flora and fauna backdrop


When considering design, creativity, thought processes and trends, what makes an object more desirable than another? For me, it is “the element of surprise”. It’s when the designer has managed to find a new and intriguing way to look at the object. This can be in the material they use, in finding a way to improve the functionality of the object, in developing a new process to produce the object or even in finding a new, and often surprising use for it.

As I wander around museum shops (my recreational sport of choice) I see more and more such home furnishings, textiles, kitchen gadgets, accessories and furniture. But always there are the few that stand out from the rest. One of these is the gorgeous “Until Dawn” Curtain by Studio Tord Boontje. Continue reading

room divider snowflake2 50x50 - Snowflake & Flower Screens

Snowflake & Flower Screens


They say that no two snowflakes are alike. But for Taiwanese design duo, Owen & Cloud from Biaugust, snowflakes – although identical – are more than inspiring. Take a look at these elegant sheet panels they’ve designed. They can be assembled into various combination and shape to form a stylish curtain, screen or room divider. Continue reading

room divider fence2 50x50 - Room Divider Fence

Room Divider Fence


Created by Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko, Fence is a free-standing room divider shaped like, you guessed it, a picket fence – What a great way to create partitions in your kids room or adding a whimsical touch to your living room or office. Continue reading

room divider fusion2 50x50 - Fusion Room Divider

Fusion Room Divider


Fusion is a decorative divider whose appearance changes with the angle and lighting, creating fascinating textures, shapes and movement – It can be configured as a window decoration or room partition, at home or in the office. Continue reading

bookcase room divider exot - Exotic Bookcase Room Divider

Exotic Bookcase Room Divider


This piece of furniture is both decorative and practical and can be used as a bookcase as well as an open room divider. Part sculpture, part bookcase, it makes a strong statement when added to a room and is assured of drawing attention and compliments – The perfect item for your home and office. Continue reading

bamboo screen room divider - Bamboo screen room divider: curvaceous

Bamboo screen room divider: curvaceous


Here’s another decorative room divider only this one is a Bamboo rollable screen from Gaiam. It’s strong, elegant and flexible, just like the bamboo stalks used to create it, offering an elegant and unique curved shape to divide large living spaces. Oh, and did we mentioned it was featured at Martha Stewart Living? Continue reading

hanging room divider linea2 - Hanging room divider Sotto

Hanging room divider Sotto


Check out the stylish Sotto hanging room divider, from Nexxt by Linea, with its retro-chic geometric cutouts and sophisticated walnut veneer finish. Continue reading

natural furniture design - Natural Furniture Design

Natural Furniture Design

Natural Furniture DesignStudio Tord Boontje, based in Bourg-Argental France, designs intoxicating dreamy flora-cut steel Ivy Panels. The six panels per set hook together easily for modular configuration and can be used as window curtains or as decorative panels and dividers transforming space into a flora fairytale. The panels exist in polished brass plated steel and satin silver plated steel.

Another beautiful work of this talented artist is the Petit Jardin Armchair, suitable for outdoor and indoor use, it also features a twisted, tangled branches flora motif – feels like sitting inside a garden of plants and flowers, almost becoming one with nature.

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