candle holders unplgd 800x1067 - Unplugged Collection

Unplugged Collection

The Unplugged Collection by Northern Lighting is a compilation of candle holders by groundbreaking Nordic designers. While they are all different, the designers have upholded the classic ‘Nordic trinity’ of simplicity, beauty and functionality.

Take the Flame, for example – these beautiful holders have a distinct curvature inspired by the flickering movement of a candle flame. They are made from plated steel and tinted shades of gold and have a black cast iron base that anchors each piece. Continue reading

holidays mood1 50x50 - 10 ways to set the perfect mood for the holidays

10 ways to set the perfect mood for the holidays


The upcoming holidays are the perfect time to inspire relaxation and festivity. And what better way to set the mood than with flickering candles and glowing lights. Here are our favorite top 10 stylishly elegant mood setters for the holidays. Continue reading

candleholder lantern iittala 5 50x50 - iittala Lantern: Glass and fire

iittala Lantern: Glass and fire


Anyone loving the easiness with which atmosphere is set in our living environments just by lighting up a few candles? Almost certainly there are more than just a few out there… As fall is falling here in Europe the call to redecorate, to refresh and to add some more wintery notes at home is intense. Time for warm drinks in the company of good friends in the evening, dinners around nicely set tables, or perhaps just reading a book wrapped in a blanket. Whichever the case, adding a few flickering lights here and there will make your home’s mood cozier than ever. Continue reading

candle holders twilight2 50x50 - Twilight: modern arches as candle holders

Twilight: modern arches as candle holders


Candles are undoubtedly instant mood inducers. It’s somehow a little ironic how in our modern super industrialized societies and fully technologically equipped lives, the warmth of flickering candlelight reminding of past eras still simply rocks our worlds. From daily family meals, to friends coming over, to more formal occasions, candles are everywhere.

Shelton’s Twilight is in fact an elegant arch made from polished stainless steel which gives home to two candles. Two candles equals light times two, therefore its name, twilight. The name also refers us to the time when usually lights are lit, the twilight or else the border between light and darkness. Continue reading

bio fire light fuego2 50x50 - Fuego Bio Fire light: a harmless volcano near you

Fuego Bio Fire light: a harmless volcano near you


The Danish do it better. Fact. When it comes to furniture and product design, they have a distinct, unforgettable way of doing it, wouldn’t you agree? Now let’s take the charming duo of Sebastian Holmback and Ulrik Nordentoft, who met at the Danish Design school. They formed the company HolmbackNordentoft – cleverly and simply combining their surnames – 10 years after their graduation.

Well, some things take time, especially good things. Other than combining their names, the Danish duo mainly combine their fabulous sense of aesthetics, while working in a wide range of design areas like interior design, furniture and lighting. From their range of products, today the spotlight is shown on a source of light itself: the Fuego Bio Firelight, designed for and available via Shelton, a company we love to love here. Continue reading

decorative tealight holder etch2 50x50 - Etch Candle Holder: Golden

Etch Candle Holder: Golden


There is something hypnotic about candles. During the years people created different holders to enhance the beauty of candle light, then came Tom Dixon and created the astonishing Etch Candle Holder – after you see the light effect from one of those you will fill your house with thousand of candles.

Inspired by the logic of mathematics and the geometry of Geodesic structures, the design of the Etch is very sophisticated and you need to look at it several times to really absorb the beauty it holds. It features squares and hexagonal panels made from sheets of brass (.016“ thick) that were acid-etched to create a beautifully-detailed patterns. Continue reading

scented candles sedafrance2 50x50 - Seda France: gifts that need no wrapping

Seda France: gifts that need no wrapping


If you’re on the lookout for a stylishly elegant mood setter, look no further than Seda France Home Fragrances. Their richly-scented candles and diffusers, combined with gorgeous signature packaging, will make any space attractive and inviting. This can also be a wonderful house warming gift or a small token for a dinner party just to show you care – They dont call it “The gift that needs no wrapping” for nothing. Continue reading

votive gift set ma2 50x50 - Modern Alchemy Votive Gift Sets: A Different Spirit

Modern Alchemy Votive Gift Sets: A Different Spirit


The idea behind scented candles is to blend the soft glow of a candle light with a unique scent – the perfect combination for the perfect atmosphere.

These beautiful Votive Gift Sets, from Modern Alchemy, take the blend of light and scent to a whole new level. The collection is available in White or Black, where each set consists of three, 2.5 oz votives that produce wonderful scents. Continue reading

aromatherapy burners cino2 50x50 - Cino & Relaja Aromatherapy Burners: Makes Scent

Cino & Relaja Aromatherapy Burners: Makes Scent


No matter how intelligent we are, sophisticated, advanced or modern, the most ancient, basic sense we have is smell. Scent goes into our most basic roots as human beings. It easily conjures memories, feelings, thoughts, cravings and so forth. Having said that, check out these stylish aromatherapy burners that will spread a wonderful scent throughout the room, bringing with it a special ambiance. Continue reading

unique candle holder pipe 41 - Pipe Candle Holder: northern lights

Pipe Candle Holder: northern lights


Blending indoor and outdoor spaces is one of the hottest trends in today’s interior design and modern architecture; large glazed openings expand living spaces into the garden, while the use of natural materials throughout your home brings in nature in various forms.

Designed by Pernille Vea for Menu, the beautiful Pipe candleholder was inspired by Viking culture. It consists of a unique rustproof cast-iron shape with a spike on one side, which you can bang into a piece of wood, and a removable windproof glass cover, to keep your candles from blowing out. This stylish item offers the perfect indoor/outdoor mix, combining light and wood with a contemporary touch. Continue reading