salt pepper mill vase 5 50x50 - Vase salt & pepper mill set: Spice up your food and dining table alike

Vase salt & pepper mill set: Spice up your food and dining table alike


Spices make the food while details make the table setting, wouldn’t you agree? What’s a delicious chicken soup without salt, pepper and fresh herbs and what is a dining table with no stylish accessories like a good looking and well functioning pepper mill set? I think that you see my point. As I was on the lookout for the perfect one for our dining table I thought I’d share this wonderful find with you. Continue reading

salt pepper mill spheres2 50x50 - Salt & Pepper Mill set: Spheres Stainless Steel

Salt & Pepper Mill set: Spheres Stainless Steel


These shiny spheres are not other but salt and pepper mills, aiming at making the grinding process in your kitchen a piece of cake, so that you can enjoy freshly, hand-ground salt and pepper any time.

These gorgeous grinders are designed by the celebrated British designer Nick Munro, whose brand and work have become a synonym with sleek, elegant minimalism. Attributes that are clearly evident in this spherical duo, or else mills made from stainless steel, a ceramic twist mechanism and a mostly easy to handle grip. Continue reading

salt pepper tumblers2 50x50 - Salt & Pepper Tumblers: play with your food

Salt & Pepper Tumblers: play with your food


From time to time I love to arrange a dinner party for my friends. Every time I surprise them with some new dish that I invented, however this time everyone were looking curiously at the shiny steel balls at the center of the table. Meet my new salt & pepper set, isn’t it lovely?! Continue reading

metal pepper mill imports2 50x50 - Atlas Pepper Mill Set: shiny and smooth

Atlas Pepper Mill Set: shiny and smooth


It’s time to invest in your kitchen and get yourself an effective, good looking pepper mill. You’ll be surprised to see and taste that it’s the small things that actually make all the difference. Now, this is not your ordinary pepper mill… This one is handmade in Greece using the same traditional methods used for the past 300 years. And if that’s not enough, it’s also super functional and will look impressive on your kitchen counter or dining room table – authentic, shiny and smooth. Continue reading

salt pepper grinder bottle 32 50x50 - Menu Bottle Grinder: spice up your life!

Menu Bottle Grinder: spice up your life!


From time to time we like to spice up our kitchen decor; whether it’s a new tablecloth or a new color for the walls, but how about adding some spice to that old salt & pepper grinder? Take a look at the gorgeous Bottle Grinder from Menu – an elegant item that will make a modern addition to your kitchen gadget collection. Continue reading

salt pepper grinder twin 22 50x50 - Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder: Spicy Duo

Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder: Spicy Duo


‘Did you see the salt? Where is the pepper’? Sounds familiar? It seems like whenever you need the salt & pepper the most, they either ran out or gone missing from the table. Bodum’s Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder is the perfect solution for this everlasting problem – as it has both salt and pepper in one grinder.

And, that’s not all – it has adjustable grind mechanisms to change coarseness of the salt or pepper; it is very easy to use especially because of clear compartments showing when the grinder needs to be refilled. The Twin’s shape is round on top and elliptical at the bottom, combining the ergonomically correct shape for hands. Now that you have both salt and pepper available with a fine designed grinder, life seams more, spicy… Continue reading

rubiks cube shaker2 50x50 - Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers: An Easy Twist

Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers: An Easy Twist


Remember the Rubik Cube game? We used to play with it for hours, twisting and turning until we got it right. Well, the idea of twisting and turning is pretty much the same over here – you want some salt and pepper? Start twisting.

The Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers will bring a flare of whimsy to your dinning table. Each cube is built around a high-quality ceramic grinding mill. The top layer of the cube rotates to operate the mill. It can be adjusted to grind fine, or coarse. Whether it is salt, pepper or both – all you have to do is twist. Continue reading

salt pepper shakers shark - Finn Salt & Pepper Shakers: A Fishy Concept

Finn Salt & Pepper Shakers: A Fishy Concept


When we speak about design it basically means thinking outside the box, bringing shapes and spontaneous associations into life. The Finn Salt & Pepper Shakers are an original combination of an inspirational idea that is designed to tell us a story or use shapes that we know in a completely different context. Made of glazed slip cast ceramic, the shark fin shaped salt and pepper shakers will definitely spice up your table setting – a duo that will bring to your table a fishy concept, one that will make you shake… Continue reading

salt and pepper set 58 - 58° N Salt and Pepper Set: Stylishly Corky

58° N Salt and Pepper Set: Stylishly Corky


Named after the latitude where Denmark and Norway meet, the 58° N is not just any other salt & pepper set, as it features unique qualities. It is not only robust, but also has an elegant stylish design to inspire your dining table, that you wont be tired of looking at day-in and day-out.

This is an everyday item with a sophisticated design, to inspire your dining table. This special set has distinctive characteristics; the contrast is striking due to the porcelain being fine, hard and cold as opposed to the earthy cork material with its rough surface that gives it a comfortable grip. All and all, this sophisticated salt and pepper set offers not only a high quality strong material, but also an interesting interpretation to an everyday kitchen item. Continue reading

electric salt pepper mill - Spicy Grinder: Peugeot Zest Electric Salt/Pepper Mill

Spicy Grinder: Peugeot Zest Electric Salt/Pepper Mill


Peugeot grinding mills are renowned the world over for their quality, incredible resilience and proven reliability. Another example of Peugeot’s commitment to innovation, quality and reliability is the development and refinement of their exclusive, patented u’Select grind adjustment system. It allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the grind with a simple twist of the wrist. From powdery-fine to very coarse, this system produces consistent results every time.

Chefs and gourmet cooks prefer this grinder because it is designed particularly to grind salt and pepper, deriving the best flavor and the strongest aroma from the spice. The beautiful design is modern, aesthetically pleasing and absolutely practical, looking good in the kitchen or on the dining table. Continue reading