Passion House Prefab: heavy is the new lightweight

A new vision of prefabricated architecture seems to be emerging from Estonia: Passion House. A 40sqm single-story building reveals a different way of thinking about the traditional lightweight concept associated with prefab architecture, pushing the boundaries to another type of meaning: can a prefab home be as heavy as a conventional building? Apparently, the answer is yes… Continue reading


Villa B: A prefab bio-climatic house In Lyon, France


In Lyon, France Tectoniques Architects developed a symbiotic relation between nature and architecture. Larch cladding and prefabricated modular timber frame compose the body of a box-like, two-story house that seems to be connected to the ground like a tree… In fact, a simple distribution of the domestic program suggests that all areas of this family home were conceived to enhance the relation between interior and exterior. Continue reading


House Re: a modern prefab family home in Slovenia


Environment always has a crucial role in architecture: House Re proves how this vital element can also obtain the best architectonic result. In Vrhnika, Slovenia there’s a two-story prefab home of 307sqm perfectly rooted within a forest landscape. A pitched roof volume seems to erupt from a sloped site in a very eloquent way – almost like one of the numerous trees that surround the entire perimeter of this contemporary family home. Continue reading


Shed: prefab and sustainability


When prefab architecture and sustainability values are melted in the same jar, the result can only be a successful project: Shed. In California, a prefab building with a built area of 1003sqm was conceived to shelter a platform for a sustainable farming and wine making community. This huge metal structure houses two stories of flexible space for commercial and meeting purposes. Continue reading


Espinar House: A prefab reflecting nature

Prefab home that reflects its surroundings near Madrid, Spain

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a house that reflects its surroundings? Espinar House fulfills such a challenging task by using a special skin material: cellular polycarbonate panels. Situated on a mountain site near Madrid, Spain, this two-story prefab home takes advantage of its unique location by enhancing every type of relation with the natural context, either in social or private areas. Continue reading


Eagle Ridge: recycled wood and rusty steel Prefab home


Picture yourself in a boat or even in a small plane on your way to your secret weekend cabin on a remote island…that’s exactly what Eagle Ridge is all about. This unique artist’s retreat rests among pine trees and rocks rising from the ground almost like an artificial extension of the existing natural elements on Orcas Island. Continue reading


One Patio House: a game of opposites


One Patio House turns a conventional program into a splendid composition of volumes. Positioned in the suburbs of Santiago de Chile, One Patio House materializes a simple and efficient answer to the unique climate and the desired relation between interior and exterior spaces. Continue reading


Casa Raul: Might be The Perfect Prefab Weekend Home


Limited budget + weekend home + lagoon = Raul House: a simple equation for the perfect prefab that blends with the unique Chilean landscape. Picture yourself living in a house between the Andes Mountains and the Aculeo Lagoon… Well, one lucky dweller had their dream come true… Continue reading


BF House: prefab saves the day


Prefabrication is the most honorable method to use when it comes to respecting a delicate topography or ecosystem. In Borriol, Spain a modern house claims all the attention by its Eco friendly design. Positioned on a very steep site, this contemporary prefab seems to be suspended in mid air without disturbing the land beneath it. How? Read on to find out. Continue reading


Prefabulous + Almost Off The Grid – Your path to building an energy-independent home

As most of you already know I have a strong passion for prefab and Eco friendly homes, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive a copy of Sheri Koones’s new book: Prefabulous + Almost Off The Grid – Your path to building an energy-independent home.

This 240-page hardcover starts with an inspiring forward by the environmentalist, actor and director, Robert Redford, followed by a wonderful collection of some of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes across North America. Continue reading