modular home plan nomad - Nomadhome: a place of change

Nomadhome: a place of change


Gerold Peham believes that one’s home is not only meant for living, but also is an expression of one’s individual living philosophy. He also thinks that our home is a place of change, a place where your living circumstances may change from time to time (which they do as I’m looking at my ‘suddenly’ pregnant cousin). As a result, he invented the nomadhome – a ready-to-live, modular structure, which can be put wherever you like and can be easily made smaller or bigger. Continue reading

small prefab house plan bline - Small Prefab House: B-Line

Small Prefab House: B-Line


This small modern prefab house, designed by Hive-Modular,is called ‘B-Line Small 002’ and is situated in Minneapolis.However, its name is the only complicated thing about this 1,420 sq. ft. family home.

Clear lines, unambiguous colors, unpretentious, yet functional form is displayed throughout this house – its windows, roof, siding of the walls, and the harmony of volumes – all these elements make the house what I call ‘architecturally good and/or proper’. What you see is the HOUSE itself (not design, not some style of architecture etc.), you just see a properly made home for people who are content with their lives and the spaces they live in. Continue reading

victorian conversion chapel 9 - Tin Chapel: Victorian Conversion

Tin Chapel: Victorian Conversion

If you’re looking to be inspired by unique interior design, look no further than Nick Kenny’s Victorian corrugated-iron chapel home and workplace in Faversham, Kent. Nick Kenny, an artist and craftsman, has been restoring this unique piece of architecture for the past few years by using recycled materials and re-purposed items found in salvage yards, clearance sales, auctions and so forth. Continue reading

prefab home plan lv - Long Valley Ranch: the wonder of prefab

Long Valley Ranch: the wonder of prefab


Seeing a house coming to life is always exciting, and when it’s done in one day – that’s just brilliant! The Long Valley Ranch serves as the Burton family holiday home; it’s comprised of 10 different-sized recycled steel frame modules, forming a modern two-bedroom prefab house. It took three months to prefabricate the modules in the factory and just a single day to assemble all the components on site. Continue reading

prefab home plan eifel - Prefab Eifel Home: a+

Prefab Eifel Home: a+


A couple who always wanted to live in a modern house, but didn’t want to leave their beautiful garden, decided to build their new home on the same plot and keep their old farmhouse for their children.

Located in the German Eifel, custom designed by a+ architects and prefab built by Thoma, this prefabricated home is actually quite simple; the design is based on two volumes – a large ‘living tube’ and a garage – connected by a glass entrance overlooking a beautiful old apple tree. Continue reading

steel prefab home bachbox11 - Interview: Bachbox

Interview: Bachbox

We spoke to Stepan Skala from Bachbox, and discovered that a box is not just a box – it’s a stylish portable shelter, designed for extreme environments, with an outer steel shell and four large folding decks which completely enclose the building when not in use. Continue reading

prefab home bluesky 5 - Bluesky Prefab Home: Flat Packed

Bluesky Prefab Home: Flat Packed


The Bluesky Home in Yucca Valley, California, is a beautiful, modern prefab. Nestled among impressive rock formations, this small, prefabricated house blends perfectly with its desert surroundings, ensuring minimal site disruption while maximizing views and retaining privacy. On top of that, it’s also adaptable, sustainable, modestly scaled, durable and economical. Continue reading

prefab homes reclaimed 8 - Reclaimed Space: Sustainable Prefabs

Reclaimed Space: Sustainable Prefabs


These prefabs, from Reclaimed Space, are all about modern sustainable living, while building with reclaimed materials. Spaces are constructed as a typical stick built home; all are fully insulated and come pre-wired and plumbed. As all prefabricated homes and cabins, they are transported to their site, fully complete, and set on concrete foundations. Continue reading

shipping container home dg8 - Shipping Container Home: Anything But Dull

Shipping Container Home: Anything But Dull


The modern prefab home of industrial designer Debbie Glassberg, in Kansas City, Missouri, is constructed from five metal shipping containers. It features 2,600 sq. ft. of natural light and living space, including geothermal heating, plant foam insulation and passive solar. Continue reading

container home crossbox 8 - Crossbox House: Cross Shape Container Home

Crossbox House: Cross Shape Container Home


This modern container home is absolutely beautiful. Located in Pont-Pean, France, if I’m not mistaken, the Crossbox house is a small 104 sq. m. family home constructed from four shipping containers. Continue reading